Abortion clinics in melbourne

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When it comes to considering a pregnancy termination, most people believe that a surgical abortion is the only choice. Known as a medical abortion or medical terminationthis non-invasive method involves taking a course of tablets over two days. This info includes the steps involved in the procedure, as well as before- and after-abortion care. You take one tablet containing mifepristonefollowed by four tablets of misoprostol between 36 to 48 hours later.

Mifepristonealso called RUblocks progesterone — the hormone that allows your pregnancy to grow. Misoprostol softens your cervix to help your uterus expel the pregnancy. A pregnancy termination can be quite daunting for many women. Being the case, I recommend weighing up your options and talking it over with someone you trust. Many view such procedures as part of the family planning journey. Any caring doctor will respect your point of view.

As the second dosage of tablets containing misoprostol starts to take effect, you may experience any of the following symptoms:. Most women find that over the counter pain relief, a hot water bottle and a few days rest at home works wonders. An abortion can sometimes cause considerable emotional distress. Medical and surgical abortions have no effect on your fertility or future reproductive health.

Pregnancy terminations are some of the most common and safest medical procedures conducted in Australia. Following your next menstrual cycle, your body will no doubt bounce back and begin functioning normally. As is the case with myself, your GP must be certified to offer medical advice and prescribe the required medications. There are plenty of resources available to women seeking Abortion clinics in melbourne information and advice, including:.

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Abortion clinics in melbourne

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