Any body want to ride this afternoon

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Inhaling fewer emissions, better visibility, safety in the bunch, the daily commute, the motivation to stay with the peloton on the climbs — there are lo of good reasons why people choose to train when they do.

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Try using your body clock to maximise the benefit to your training and performance. So although daily peaks and troughs are useful to know for maximising training potential, the division between so-called morning and afternoon people is almost certainly a myth. To prove the point, a team of researchers from Liverpool John Moores University took eight well-trained cyclists who all had a preference for training in the morning, and each performed an identical time-trial at 7.

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They are all controlled by the suprachiasmatic nucleus, a biological clock in a part of the brain called the hypothalamus. Although scientists have yet to pinpoint the exact mechanism it uses to pace your body, they know that daylight, social contact and mealtimes are all factors. Researchers at the University of North Texas evaluated the effect of the time of day on a to-exhaustion cycling test. The 14 subjects managed to travel 9. Another study from the University of Basse-Normandie found that cyclists peaked at 5.

Similarly, for average power output, 6pm was the optimum time, when it was a massive In each case the time of best performance mirrored very closely the daily peak of internal body temperature. In another study they looked at heart rate, core temperature and sternum skin temperature during exercise and recovery at 8am and 6pm.

This strongly reinforces the work done by a team from the University of Cape Town showing that performance in hotter conditions is reduced not because of dehydration but because of increased heat storage.

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So it may be that a higher initial body temperature is not in itself good for exercise, but paradoxically it in better performance because the body is already in heat loss mode, as opposed to earlier in the day when it is actively trying to conserve heat because body temperatures are lower. Fortunately this is very easy to do. That is likely to be the time when your cycling will be at its best, so try to plan time-trials or tough speedwork sessions accordingly. Home Advice Fitness and Training Why your cycling performance is better in the afternoon.

Body temperature seems to be a key factor in determining cycling performance Orbea. Nick Morgan. Daily Deals. Order your copy of the only Official Tour de France race guide today! Get offer. You may also like.

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Fitness and Training. How to get stronger legs for cycling 4 key strengthening exercises. What gets you out on the bike?

Any body want to ride this afternoon

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