Are you an ambitious person

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This time around, we are going to test your ambition or achievement motivation. Ambition is a very important personality trait to measure as it has a great impact on many areas of our lives. Highly ambitious people typically attain higher levels of education and income. Generally, they have high self-esteem and positive attitude, but at the same time, they may sometimes feel dissatisfied with themselves and their achievements, which makes them work even harder to achieve even more.

True False. I enjoy the process more than the outcome. Family first, work second. Most people I know are more successful than me.

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Looking back at my life, I achieved a lot. I get inspired by other successful people. I tend to get distracted by new ideas and projects. People of my intelligence level pulled this off before me. You need to know the right people to succeed.

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I am not persistent enough. I am terrified at the thought of never achieving my goals. I often second-guess myself.

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I avoid unnecessary risks. I struggle with procrastination. Time flies when when working on my projects. I become anxious if I miss a day of work.

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I want to achieve more than my parents ever did. I like a good challenge. There are over 50 free tests and quizzes at the moment and they can be found here. True False What makes you the way you are? Includes professional follow-up by a CBT therapist.

Are you an ambitious person

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Are you ambitious?