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The article was co-authored with Christopher J. Wallace of Grand Valley State University. This paper discusses a qualitative content analysis of course descriptions in an exploratory effort to identify the focus and emphasis of public relations curricular offerings in emerging technologies and their strategic application. Findings show an emphasis on an integration of disciplines and technology, an emphasis on content production and strategic application of social and digital media, and applied learning approaches deed to promote professional development among students.

Findings also show a limited discussion of models of best practice, absence of theory as it relates to practice, shortage of appropriate methodology in analyzing big data, and a limited discussion of branding and influencers as emerging strategic resources and topics of discussion. The paper also identified future directions for expanded analysis to better understand the relationship between social and digital media courses and if they serve to appropriately train future industry professionals.

Creative recruiters and creative directors from 37 ad agencies across the country met with Newhouse creative advertising senior students during the Syracuse University Newhouse Virtual Advertising Portfolio Review.

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The renowned agency is best known for its award-winning and innovative Nike campaigns. Creative recruiter Mary Lamphier, who attended the portfolio review, helped Luo figure out that the agency was a good fit. Some impressive ad agencies hired Newhouse creatives in teams this year. Coey says being able to share her work and get feedback from knowledgeable professionals at the portfolio review was a valuable experience.

After the review, student portfolio links were sent to ad agencies unable to attend, generating even more internship offers. After the review, many students continued to interview with and receive offers from agencies that attended the event. He says the focus on big ideas and craft helps make it one of the best advertising programs in the country.

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A big need in the industry. The most breakthrough campaigns made it onto their portfolio websites for the review. The fact I sat down with them one-on-one on Zoom was an amazing opportunity. The support team began meeting in early January before classes began and had a goal to make the online experience as close to the in-person NYC experience as possible. Next year, White says they are hoping to make the portfolio review both in-person and online. This will give the best of both worlds of meeting in-person as well as meeting with more ad agencies across the country. During the Black Lives Matter protests in Syracuse in the spring ofPi wanted to protest, but her parents discouraged her.

Initially, Pi was fearful of being attacked during the protest in New York, which she went to alone, but says she found it an emotional, educational and peaceful experience. The mother was educating her children about why they should be there to support people. It was eye-opening. Five hundred participants were expected at the protest, but the ended up being closer to 2, Pi says. Pi says this contrast helped her realize that silence keeps societal problems in place by making them seem less important. Inspired by the healing she felt after attending the protests, Pi launched WeRound, a monthly roundtable discussion hosted by WeMedia Laba media organization run by international students at Syracuse University.

WeRound allowed members to talk about their experiences, and vent. Now that she has graduated, Pi hopes that current members will continue the roundtable. These wins gave SU the Sweepstakes win for the academic year with total points. Sweepstakes totals are given based on wins weighted by placement, and includes wins from both the fall and spring competitions.

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Krahmer The NewsHouse. This paper initiates exploration of how self-perceptions of role and identity held by public diplomats may impact the practice of public diplomacy. It validates Q Methodology, a scientific method for the study of subjective perception, as a means of identifying, categorizing, and analyzing self-perceptions.

Researchers surveyed American public diplomats regarding attributes that they ascribe to the role of diplomatic communicator, successfully identified and categorized such attributes, identified clusters of difference within the subject group, and correlated those differences to demographic factors. This paper focused on the of one survey group. Future cross-sectional and longitudinal research will compare these perceptions to those of other groups, including across cultural and national boundaries.

A pilot digital media entrepreneurship program launching this month will support Black entrepreneurs based in Syracuse. The program, Black Media Mogul Makerseeks to identify and fortify a new class of media entrepreneurs and owners of entertainment, marketing, news and other media businesses in the city of Syracuse.

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Applications will be accepted online beginning July For more information, visit www. Daniela Moltaassistant professor of advertising at the Newhouse School, will serve as program director. Black Media Mogul Maker will comprise a week training program for up to 25 Syracuse-based Black founders and creators, plus mentorship, resource sharing and community building. The program will run Sept. A virtual information session, where prospective participants can learn more about the program and how to apply, will be held July 21 at 6 p.

For more information about the session and to register, visit www. Newhouse creative advertising students took home five Clio Awards this year, the most in school history. An esteemed international awards competition, the Clio Awards celebrate bold work, honor excellence in advertising, inspire a competitive marketplace and foster meaningful connections within the creative community.

White says Luo, Gormley, Baptista and Cutuli created top-level campaigns and their recognition at the Clios was very exciting. The campaign started winning awards last Blk male hosting Syracuse New York female. Luo says he is excited to have his own Clio award to display once it arrives, noting how tough winning the competition is for both students and professional ad agencies.

And then the concept was born. The campaign uses scarves to create natural landscapes. Luo photoshopped a boat onto a scarf that looks like a stormy sea, a snowboarder onto a scarf that looks like snowy mountains and a mountain night scene around a scarf that looks like the Northern Lights.

The team created the concept of an Amazon search filter that prioritizes eco-friendly products over disposable or single-use items in the search when activated. Luo was a student for three semesters in courses taught by White, a former art director.

She helped him see the nuances of the craft, of making the de as compelling as the idea, he says. Baptista and Cutuli saw an opportunity for global companies like Coca-Cola to step in and do something to help get their products recycled more often and to make a long-term positive impact on the environment. Their purpose-driven idea starts with consumers using Apple Pay to purchase Coca-Cola brand products, then using CashCan recycling bins—which would be placed next to almost every public trash can—to recycle those products.

This is what it feels like for all that hard work to pay off. It was the best investment I have ever made. Samantha Savery is a graduate student in arts journalism and communications at the Newhouse School. Daniel Wood had been here several times before. He had done months of carefully-worded LinkedIn requests.

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He had prepared for recruiter phone calls and gone to panel after panel. He had been at the video interview stage for an NBC internship before, but the process stopped there. This time, the broadcast and digital journalism junior tried something different: horizontal networking among peers. Newhouse NYC students know the benefits of horizontal networking in the highly competitive media industry.

In springa semester challenged by a global pandemic and a nationwide lockdown, this kind of networking among Newhouse NYC students proved a powerful force. With some students in New York City taking classes in person and others learning remotely from as far away as Atlanta, students still found a way to help each other start their careers. Morris, a television, radio, and film junior who participated in Newhouse NYC from her home in Atlanta, said the interns got to know each other in the few minutes before the beginning of the staff meetings when the Zoom room was open but none of their supervisors had yet logged on.

You know what my day has been like. Hyung Cho connected with Motiwala through Newhouse NYC before they began their internships, and he says knowing a fellow intern made the transition much less stressful. When he ran into roadblocks on an asment, Motiwala helped him find resources to overcome those challenges. Beyond the benefits of networking with each other during the semester, Newhouse NYC students are thinking about how they can help each other in the future. We are all at the beginning of our careers, and we are all going to different places.

You never know when knowing someone could benefit you in the future. Elizabeth Kauma is a junior in the magazine, news and digital journalism program at the Newhouse School.

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Dan Pachecoprofessor of practice in magazine, news and digital journalism and Peter A. The textbook aims to teach students in communications fields how to approach and evaluate emerging technologies that could impact how media is produced, consumed and monetized in the future. It is based loosely around a course Pacheco has taught at the Newhouse School, as well as lessons learned from 20 years in digital product jobs at large media companies and startups.

The book is deed to serve as a companion textbook for classes that media educators can incorporate into their own emerging tech courses, while also being helpful for those wishing to learn independently. The book will also explore current technology trends such as extended reality XR and artificial intelligence AI and will include some basics for coding for the web. Shelvia Dancy. Beth Egan.

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Roy Gutterman. It also harkens back to a Nixonian enemies list, which included many journalists. Abstract This paper discusses a qualitative content analysis of course descriptions in an exploratory effort to identify the focus and emphasis of public relations curricular offerings in emerging technologies and their strategic application. View the paper. Dan Pacheco.

Blk male hosting Syracuse New York female

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