Colombian online dating scams

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Seventy-three-year-old Lydia of Vancouver had been widowed for eight years when she decided to free online dating website PlentyOfFish.

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She threw back a few catches before meeting a man who piqued her interest. Carl said he was a year-old Swedish-American who had grown up in California and was working overseas as an oil procurer. But romance scams often are committed abroad by well-organized rings, she said. Operating from abroad increases the difficulty of prosecution. The dating website could provide information to law enforcement that would be harder to obtain from a personalFlaherty said. Perpetrators usually use fake names and s registered under fake names, she said. A fraudster may try the line that "No one is going to believe we have this wonderful love," Flaherty said.

Secrecy perpetuates the victim's gullibility, because there won't be family and friends pointing out that something's amiss, she said. He asked Lydia for a stopgap loan until he could collect his pay, Lydia said. She was happy to help because of the trust and connection between them, and she wired him some money.

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Carl was actually a Nigerian living in London and had taken on the identity of a real man in California. The desire for love can be so overpowering that an otherwise sane person may believe the unbelievable for a promise of it. These scams play into these needs we all have. Romance scams represent about 5, or 1. Few cases are investigated due to the overwhelming of complaints, Shearer said.

So far, she has been unsuccessful. The lack of crackdown on smaller-scale fraudsters is why prevention is so important, Flaherty said. Carl asked for money to be delivered through Western Union and MoneyGram, which is nearly impossible to trace, Flaherty said. Seniors, like Lydia, are particularly vulnerable to all types of fraud, including romance scams, Meek said.

They also have a disproportionate loss of cognitive function in the part of the brain that processes doubt, increasing their gullibility, according to a study by the University of Iowa College of Medicine. And older people come from a generation that values trusting others, Meek added.

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About 13 percent of romance scam complaints come from people 60 and older, according to the Internet Crime Complaint Center. The vast majority of victims are women ages 40 to That age group generated 68 percent of all complaints by women. More than twice as many women as men reported being victims of romance scams inand women lost about four times as much money as men, according to the Internet Crime Complaint Center.

Nearly 69 percent of complaints came from women, compared with 31 percent from men. There are fewer single men than single women in that age bracket, according to the Census Bureau, and men are more likely to date younger women, further depleting the supply of single men in the age range. Another reason may be that in the age range, men tend to be more tech-savvy than women. That difference faded away in younger groups as technology became more ubiquitous, but the knowledge gap among women in that age range could make them more vulnerable in online settings, Rabby said.

Inexperience and desperation are never a great combination for putting common sense first.

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I just went in blind. I had no idea people could do this to other people.

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Friday, July 23, It seems too good to be true. Things were going well until Carl ran into a series of sticky situations while working abroad. The requests and the money wires kept adding up. The Columbian is becoming a rare example of a news organization with local, family ownership.

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Colombian online dating scams

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