Complete balance massage therapy

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A Classic Swedish massage isa session focused on circulation and revitalizing the mind and body. A Classic Swedish massage does not focus on one specific area but instead utilizes the five traditional techniques of a Classic Swedish massage to help you regain balance to your mind and body.

A deep relaxation full body massage using natural LaPaz stones. Natural Hot Stone uses the heat from the LaPaz stones to help adhesions and tense areas of the body relax. Aromatherapy oil is also used during the Natural Hot Stone massage to help bring the mind and body into balance. Therapeutic grade oils are applied along the spine and gently massaged into the spine.

Once all the oils have been applied an integrated massage takes place on the back. Hot towels are then applied to the back to help the oils absorb into the spine. Marma therapy is a beautiful and unique treatment surrounded by centuries of Ayurvedic tradition. The Kansa Vatki Foot Massage an extremely relaxing session but at the same time revitalizing for the feet and lower legs. Lymphatic Drainage is an extremely gentle yet effective massage technique that moves the lymph fluid throughout the lymphatic system.

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This massage reinforces the immune system by moving the lymph fluid to the lymph nodes, then to the kidneys for ultimate removal. A lymphatic drainage massage is excellent for helping the body to detox, enhance the immune system, pain relief and swelling. This gentle modality is fantastic at grounding and balancing the body's electromagnetic field, central nervous system and meridians.

The Himalayan Salt Stones are warmed and massaged over the body, including specific meridian points, to harmonize, revitalize and create an immediate sense of improved well being. The stones gently reduce the accumulation of stress and tension causing the mind, body and spirit to regain balance. A wonderful, quick option to help increase circulation and reduce tension caused from stress, posture and repetitive movement.

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Chair massage primarily focuses on the neck, shoulders and back. Our on-site chair massage is great a convenience for many companies.

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Employees love that they can receive tension relief during the day, helping them to feel more rejuvenated. On-site chair massage is wonderful for employee appreciation events, safety days and wellness fairs. About Us F. Classic Swedish. Natural Hot Stone. Raindrop Aromatherapy. Kansa Vatki Foot Massage.

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Lymphatic Drainage. Himalayan Salt Stone Massage. Chair Massage.

Complete balance massage therapy

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