Craigslist of chattanooga

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The couple posted an ad on Craigslist just like millions of people do each month.

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The website can be useful when trying to find a good deal but police say there are a few things every user must do so it doesn't jeopardize a person's safety. Rebecca Shelton, Chattanooga Police, "Let a relative know, or have somebody go with you.

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After a Georgia couple was killed while attempting to buy a car on Craigslist, Sgt Shelton warns users that a little worry can go a long way. Before meeting up in person, research the product and the user you're connecting with. Shelton said, "There's a lot of stuff you can do on the internet.

If they give you a name you can actually put that in there and do a search of this person.

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Make sure the exchange happens in a public place, that can not be stressed enough. Shelton said, "It might be a scam. But even local headlines show the potential dangers.

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In September a Hixson woman posted on Craigslist offering free baby clothes, and is now accused of killing Natalia Roberts because she wanted to claim her 3-week old baby as her own. In October an East Ridge babysitter posted her services on Craigslist and a local mother responded.

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The babysitter was arrested on child abuse charges after confessing to shaking and breaking bones of two of the children she was caring for. That's the main thing, don't do it. If your gut feeling tells you to leave, then leave.

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Get out there, turn around and go," Sgt. Shelton said, "That's not worth your life or anybody else's life over. When the Runion couple were still missing their daughter, Virginia Owens, talked to our affiliate in Atlanta WXIA about her loving relationship with her father. Virginia Owens now lives in the Chattanooga area.

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Detectives are investigating whether robbery was a motive in her parents' death. The Sheriff in Telfair County would not say if the couple was carrying cash. In Case You Missed It. All Rights Reserved.

Craigslist of chattanooga

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Man responding to Craigslist ad robbed at gunpoint