Dating a girl 2 years younger

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Other interests. Home […] Forums Life and style Relationships. Girls can you date a guy a year or two younger? Confused about Clearing? Go to first unread. Skip to :. Anonymous 1. Report Thread starter 6 years ago 1. For some reason I can't and I don't know why.

Does anyone feel the same. Not what you're looking for? Ezisola Badges: Report 6 years ago 2.

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Original post by Anonymous For some reason I can't and I don't know why. Anonymous 2. Report 6 years ago 3. Currently dating a guy a year younger, so yep I do prefer guys a few years older though. Report 6 years ago 4. I once dated someone that was 2 years younger than me, but it didn't last too long. It wasn't because he was immature or something like that, it's just we didn't have many things in common. I still consider him a friend though, and I prefer more mature guys anyway. Report 6 years ago 5. I used to feel the same way Before we started dating I thought it was weird, but in the end, the connection between us has completely outweighed it.

So I'd probably say, it really does depend on the person in question. Report 6 years ago 6. Report 6 years ago 7. My boyfriend is two years younger than me so yes. I probably wouldn't have when I was younger though. Report 6 years ago 8. Report 6 years ago 9. I once had a thing with this guy that was younger than me.

When I started hanging out with him I just knew that he was perfect for me. I found out he was about a year younger than me. I honestly don't think it matters because when you have a connection with someone, you have a connection and age doesn't change that.

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Report 6 years ago I prefer older women, I find younger girls to be too immature. SophieSmall Badges: When I get older it wouldn't matter really if the guy was a year or two younger, however at this stage of my life no I wouldn't date someone younger than me.

As we would be at completely different points in our life which would likely put a strain on any possible relationship. Report Thread starter 6 years ago Original post by SophieSmall When I get older it wouldn't matter really if the guy was a year or two younger, however at this stage of my life no I wouldn't date someone younger than me. I prefer older women.

Though I've never seekd an actual long term relationship with any of them that I've met. Original post by Anonymous Yeah i'm 16 atm when I was 15 some thirteen year olds wanted to go out with me I would have went out with one of them ngl but the age difference! Eveiebaby Badges: I would've said no to large age gaps personally but I'm in a relationship with someone who's I'm almost I was a bit weirded out initially but it turns out that he's a lot more balanced, tenacious and focused than I am.

Honestly I feel like a hot mess bum in comparison. He's so cool! Original post by SophieSmall Yeah at these kinds of ages age gaps make a big difference. For a start for you there is legal consent for sex, dating someone younger than you could get you in trouble. For me it would be a matter of educational stage barriers, If I dated someone younger than me then they would either still be in A-levels or behind me in Dating a girl 2 years younger.

Then there is the problem of them not going to the same university and distance, then there is the problem of placement years which often can't be done in the same university town ect. It's just too much hassle and stress to date someone at a different stage in their life at this point. Original post by Anonymous Yeah I think if I had sex with them then it's illegal, idk about dating them EGcse98 Badges: 6. A wise old woman once said. Guys can date: 3 years below, 1 year above. Girls can date: 1 year below, 2 years above. Only applies if you're under 18, i'm told.

I'm 18, and definitely wouldn't be in a relationship with a 16 year old, but I'm not convinced it would be that much of a big deal if, say, I was 27 or something. Anonymous 3.

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I did a gap year before going to uni and my birthday is one of the earliest in the academic year, so I'm almost 2 years older than the majority of my cohort at uni. However that doesn't stop me having fun. Quick Reply. Submit reply. Attached files. Write a reply Back to top. Related discussions.

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Dating a girl 2 years younger

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