Dating a virgo-libra cusp man

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This means that they may actually have traits from both s and are interchangeable depending on their life situations. Keep reading to find out what a Libra man with a Virgo cusp might be like. The Libra man on the cusp of Virgo will be a very tender hearted, beautiful soul on the inside and quite attractive on the outside.

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He will be very appealing to anyone who comes in contact with him. Libra man likes justice and likes to view both sides of any situation. Of course a self-confident woman may still attempt to win his attention regardless of how he appears.

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However; her arrogance or cocky demeanor will turn him off. He loves women who have heart and care deeply about life. This man is a heavy thinker. He was born under the planet of Mercury which will make him an analyzer. Yes Virgo is already like this. The Libra man on the cusp of Virgo is likely to be rather old fashioned, reserved, and slow in his deliberation.

This is the most sensible version of Libra there is. He may even call you and talk to you on the phone for hours. This is his way of getting to know you and spending time even if you cannot in person. He wants and needs to be sure that you are in it for the long haul and not just looking for someone to bed you down. Though he may be open to a fling in his life; he would prefer sex to mean something.

He attaches love and spirituality with sex. He wants it to be with someone he deeply cares for and cares for him. The Libra man on the Virgo cusp is very well spoken. He knows what to say and when.

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If you go at him with emotion or in a critical state of mind; his Virgo will kick in and he will cut you back with his own words. Libra is such a nice guy he sometimes has a hard time putting his foot down and saying no. In truth; Virgo man may have the same issue. This guy has high standards and again; this can make you feel insecure about yourself or not worthy. Fear not; he will occasionally surprise you with sweet nothings in your ear and tell you how amazing you are when you least expect it. This is a fantastic guy all around really.

Is he right for you? To find your current compatibility score, use my calculator. I love the mother of my child, she is a cancer. She shows s of a narcissistic person. I am virgo libra cusp man. Being on the defensive comes from having been attacked many times before. Yes, bringing up the past is a she has troubles letting go.

Assure her that you will not abandon your child and that you two will always be friends due to that fact. I hope this helps! Deep down if she is anything like me not only is she a great mother but also past all the hurt and pain a loving, kind and generous woman who has just been Dating a virgo-libra cusp man by one too many people in life. She is lashing out because she has not even accepted that she has an issue so I would recommend you talk to her about how she makes you feel and that you are happy to support her and walk that path with her.

It will take time as all these things do however, no relationship is plain sailing and it isnt always bad. However, of course it is your decision ultimately.

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She needs to spend time getting therapy and healing herself before she can worry about being with someone in a commitment. He simply needs to let her do what she needs to do so that they can all be healthy together in the end. Leave a Comment Cancel reply. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Welcome to my blog about the Libra man. August 3rd, Beauty On The Inside And Out The Libra man on the cusp of Virgo will be a very tender hearted, beautiful soul on the inside and quite attractive on the outside.

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Dating a virgo-libra cusp man

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Virgo Man with Libra Cusp: What Is He Like?