Feminism destroyed dating

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However, no funding was received for the material featured in this article. This summer, I wrote a story for The Conversation about my experiences using Bumble, a self-described feminist Feminism destroyed dating app where women make the first move. I also expressed my disappointment in the lack of sexy, equitable connections Bumble generated for me — connections promised in its marketing campaigns when I ed up.

As a woman seeking fun and romance, I found my Bumble journey quite frustrating. But as a researcher interested in gender, sexuality and digital dating practices, I found it fascinating. My dual identities as a woman and a researcher surfaced again as I read the comments on my article and saw the reactions on social media. Given the feminist analysis in my story, I anticipated some backlash.

I have experienced similar push-back in my research on sex workan issue that can illicit charged emotional responses. : Love, lust and digital dating: Men on the Bumble dating app aren't ready for the Queen bee. In the comments, readers accused me of following a feminist agenda meant to demean men and their dating experiences. Readers scoffed at my complaints of meeting only 10 guys in five months, an outcome they said exceeds that of most men.

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The story is full of errors and misquotes but was still picked up by several far-right websites and spawned a Reddit threadwhich is essentially a diatribe against feminism, and also, me. Many of the comments followed this pattern: they focused less on the content of the story and more on me. I was described as a man-hating woman who is after male power, unappealing to real men and in all likelihood a lesbian. However, some responses were pretty funny.

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Have a great weekend. This slogan reflects the toxic masculinity and anti-feminist sentiments that have been identified as central to the far-right movement. Many of those on the far-right support biological determinism and believe that the idea of gender as a construct is an attempt by women and liberal allies to displace patriarchal power structures and go against the natural order of things. Her comments on the Pluralist article which were retweeted 53 times and liked times ignited a sensational discussion with her followers.

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Social media is a powerful domain for the dissemination of far-right ideology about topics like sex, women and gender. Contrary to the antagonistic ideology reflected in the comments, feminism is not the enemy of society or masculinity. Gender, sex and power relations are but three aspects of life that are changing alongside shifts in our post-industrial economies. We are all experiencing these shifts globally.

They are not the work of feminism or feminists. up today. Plymouth Contemporary — Plymouth, Devon. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. Treena OrchardWestern University.

Feminism destroyed dating

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'Men Are Afraid': 'Fox & Friends' Accuses Feminists of Ruining Chivalry, Elegance