French bulldog olde english mix

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The English Bulldog is known for his huge head, rose bud ears, short and stalky build and deep wrinkles canvasing his body, especially the face. Bullies usually weigh in at between 45 to 60 pounds. What a cute little corkscrew tail the Bulldog often has. Sometimes the tail can be straight and this is acceptable, but it should be very short. Take a look at that muzzle.

Big boned is how he should look. The arms are short from body to paw and very meaty. These are non-sporting dogs. Others say they get a Mini by simply breeding only their Bulldogs that are smaller than a typical size Bully. A typical Mini Bulldog is a small, compact dog about the size of a Pug with a snout that only slightly protrudes away from the face.

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They usually weigh around 20 lbs. Miniature Bulldogs are said to be quite friendly and to make good family pets. These things reach straight for the stars let me tell ya. French Bulldogs also tend to be more wide in the front and narrow in the rear like the English Bulldog. Again, physically, there are some similarities with the typical Bulldog, but Frenchies are much more compact dogs and tend to way 18 to 30 pounds. Frenchies are very docile and make an exceptional family pet. This breed is very commonly confused with the English Bulldog. He learned the difference between these two breeds the hard way; poor guy probably spent the night on the couch.

He was created in in an effort to reproduce a dog that was first bred to fight bulls. Dogs fighting bulls! Can you picture that!? He can weigh as much as lbs in fact! The disposition of this breed is described as friendly, capable and confident. This variation of the Bulldog is a well built and strong specimen. He is capable of jumping vertically up to 7 feet into the air and due to his strength he does possess French bulldog olde english mix great deal of pride. Generally, he is a mostly white dog with red or brindle patches miscellaneously placed on his body. These dogs are quite long, lean and tall especially in direct comparison to the English Bulldog.

The American Bulldog has a long snout used for sniffing out vermin and sporting game. Typically this breed weighs pounds. Be sure to train him well and let him socialize with children as a puppy to help ensure he makes a good family pet. Hopefully this post was informitive and entertaining all while helping you, the reader, to better understand the differences between Mini Bulldogs, Olde English Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs and American Bulldogs.

Please let me know what you think about the different breeds discussed. What are some common misconceptions you had before reading this article? I want to know if you agree or disagree.

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Comment Below. Had an olde english bulldog for close to ten years good dog made life a let more fun and i will replace him in a year or two. I will for sure get another bull dog olde english or otherwise. I bought an English Bulldog that the breeder promoted as being bred for health and temperament. At any rate, he is sound thus far, adorable and great temperament. However, he has one bat-ear and a tulip ear. I am told this is a rare fault. I was not planning to breed him. I tried to correct the ears but gave up. Love him regardless, but am disappointed.

You say that a mini bulldog weighs 20 pounds? Please show one…. The current rule is…. Any female under 40lbs is considered mini. Well ive owned all Olde English and American. Very brave Unfortunately got stomach cancer and passed away at 4. Vet mistaken I guess. NO puppies are sold in petstores in Ontario anymore. Also What made me choose them was defiantly the health problems and life expectancy of English.

They live on average 6 yrs, with Olde English living roughly English also have cardiac problems and repository problems. This can lead to major vet bills. Just a few reasons I choose Olde English. To be honest that kind of stance hurts your French bulldog olde english mix. I agree,judgemental, and more then a bit harsh!

I have always done my homework, and have been very careful to choose the right Breeder for me. By saying that I mean, breeders that have a strick breeding program, and have done all the proper testing to assure happy, healthy, and correct to the breed pups! I presently have an import, waited 2yrs for her, and at 5 yrs old, she is happy, healthy and a fabulous friend. I guess what I am trying to say is, whether you adopt from a breeder, or a rescue, do your homework on your breed. Maybe by following those simple steps, that would assure less pets out there, to have to rescue.

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Well if ya learned to read the one lady rescued one. Let me start here. First of all moron I do agree there are dogs in pounds an in need of homes. But just think of things this way. So why not buy a breed one wants?

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So really the only difference between a breeder an a shelter is the amount of fees they charge an what the fee is called. Alot of people are saying that they paper mix breeds. I understand this David had recreated the olde English bulldogge in I know this is a late reply, but if you are still searching for a bulldog breeder the best thing I can tell you French bulldog olde english mix to get on Facebook or any other social media website and ask around. I recently purchased a 13 week old puppy that was supposed to be an English but I am starting to doubt myself.

Mine is stocky in front, narrower in rear gonna be long legged and only has wrinles on his head and a little on his neck. Parents and he are UKC registered. If he was olde english instead of english would ukc not recognize this in paperwork. And did i get ripped off if he is olde instead of english as far as rebreeding later on?

I have and love Olde English Bulldogges. He does however sound pretty strikingly like an Olde English Bulldogge. The Olde English Bulldogge however, my last one lived to be 14, have very few health issues, are much more athletic and yet are sweet and need much less exercise than many other athletic type dogs. I have an AKC pure bread beautiful English Bull dog and to the and would like to say he has non of the issues the man eagerly announced Englisgbul have, l am proud to say no skin issues no allergies nothing.

Hop to be my next furbaby. Yes and some people need to check them self those AKC papers simply say bulldog buy one if you want to clean wrinkles and tail pockets all day long for someone to imply they were ripped you should have done your homework olde English bulldogge is a great breed.

I currently have a 6 month old frenchie and looking to get her a companion. Was hoping to get another frenchie but finding one in my budget right now is tough. Does anyone have an opinion on having a frenchie and English? Thank you! I had my Frenchie for 2 years when I brought home Tank, my bulldog.

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They lived in total bliss until Tankie passed away at the young age of 4 from a congenital heart defect that was not discovered until he was 3. Tankie was given a new heart valve and it was working but his heart was just too damaged and he did not make it through the first night. I then discovered that my Frenchie had become deaf—sometime in the 4 years I had Tank.

Tank was his ears and I did not have a clue-nor did our vet. After a few months I brought home an Old English Bulldog supposedly healthier breed??? Their weights are 30 and 70 and you guessed it; the Frenchie calls all of the shots!

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He can back his big brother into a corner so fast if he has had enough wrestling and playing. Facebook 0. Pinterest 0. Twitter 0. Mini Bulldog? French Bulldog. Olde English Bulldog. American Bulldog. Most shelters have extremely high stanards for adoption.

French bulldog olde english mix

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English, Mini, Olde – What’s The Difference?