Gender identity definition

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It is distinguished from actual biological sex—i. For most persons, gender identity and biological sex correspond in the conventional way.

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Some individuals, however, experience little or no connection between sex and gender; among transgender persons, for example, biological sexual characteristics are distinct and unambiguous, but the affected person identifies with the gender conventionally associated with the opposite sex. The nature and development of gender identity have been studied and disputed by psychologists, philosophers, and social activists since the late 20th century. So-called essentialists hold that gender identity is fixed at birth by genetic or other biological factors.

Social constructivism of the latter type is not necessarily incompatible with essentialism, because it is possible for a supposedly innate gender identity to be expressed in different ways in different cultures. Basic gender identity whether innate or constructed is generally established in children by the age of three and is extremely difficult to modify thereafter.

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In cases where biological sex was ambiguous at birth and errors in sexing were made, it has been almost Gender identity definition to reestablish a conventional gender identity later in childhood or adolescence. Furthermore, a secondary gender identity can be developed over the core identity, as sex-associated behaviours may be adopted later in life; heterosexual or homosexual orientations also develop later. Aspects of gender identity develop by means of parental example, social reinforcement, and language. Parents teach what they perceive as sex-appropriate behaviour to their children from an early age, and this behaviour is reinforced as the children grow older and enter a wider social world.

Since the late 20th century the recognition that many people have gender identities that are not conventionally associated with their biological sex and that some people have nonbinary gender identities i. Such usage, it is argued, enables speakers and writers to avoid attributing a false gender identity to a person based on perceived biological sex.

Gender identity. Additional Info.

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Britannica Demystified. In the U. Get a Britannica Premium subscription and gain access to exclusive content. Subscribe Now. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. Children develop a rudimentary gender identity by age three, having learned to classify themselves and others as either males or females. They also come to prefer the activities and roles traditionally ased to their own sex; as early as two years of age, most children select toys and activities….

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Gender identity definition

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Sexual Orientation and Gender