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Reply privately closed, thread got too big. By user no longer on site over a year ago. Free to use, not just free to. Free cams, pics, search, mails.

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today. Yeah yeah yeah to that idea. Cuckold is a group that isn't catered for on here yet there are so many people into it. There's been 2 posts before that filled up and there is such a large following on here that it would be great to have our own room. This is a great idea can be hard to find couples that are in the lifestyle.

So many folk have such a huge cross-section of views on what it is. The modern definition appears to be somewhat at odds with the dictionary definition. So would it have to be specifically defined? Just an observation x. Just an observation x" a good example tho. Can you cam with other people on here?. I also find it strange that no one from admin has comment either way as far as I'm aware.

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After all most people who are asking are site contributors. I agree with busty above though - so many people into cuckolding that don't have clue what it's about. Lots I've chatted to think it is just a threesome! There needs some education Just an observation x" Finally I see someone reflecting the dictionary definition other than me. The trouble is though Thats when we get all the screams of men who say they arent a cuckold. Just because they consent. We have to remember the wider context of the very old term. It was used as an insult And also remember what the meaning of unfaithful is.

It is the act of sexual intercourse with a member of the opposite sex.

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So a man cannot be a cuckold if his wife plays with ladies. Because that is not unfaithful reference divorce laws. Similarly a swinger can cite infidelity as a legitimate reason for divorce even though he consented to swing. End result we will go around in Glenfarg swingers meet and arguments all to NOT get a Cuckold room because all the husband swingers are Cuckolds and so a big proportion of the membership. Flame on. Just an observation x Finally I see someone reflecting the dictionary definition other than me.

We may as well go back to the origins of the word itself if you want to get technical but what's the point. Like you said even those practising the lifestyle can be at odds with what cuckoldry is. Thats because it can be so complex but if you watch and are not ing in with having sex with your partner then you're a cuck. It does matter if all you do is sit and watch or if you are forced to dress up and are verbally and physically humilated by your partners regular lover. Cuckoldry is just an umbrella term that defines every possibility.

We're trying to create a network with the parties we've been hosting but also think a chatroom would help achieve this. Every time their is a cuckold thread in the forums it is always really popular, and as varied as the definition may be as to what is cuckold, it seems a subject that intrigues a lot of people. It would certainly be something we'd enjoy exploring, so this may be a good way of going about it to help introduce people to it.

You get many cum eating cleaning cucks on here? Two filled up thre doesn't mean everyone agrees and it can be the same people posting multiple times. I don't get what a chat room would do that you can't already do with the existing ones. If you want to find a meet you'd use meet today or look in your regional room.

If you only want to chat to others with similar interests then use the block function and message filters. Yes you could re label the USA room as a cuckold room but would it make it exclusive or cuckold related or stop others from directing or ing in? If you get a cuckold room then you could argue that each fab interest needs it's own room as lots of people are into it.

Glenfarg swingers meet always assumed from videos I've watched of cuckold that it means the boyfriend or husband is subjected to humiliation has his partner his screwed by a bigger cock which satisfies his partner more then what he could. All while the female is telling the hubby about how good her bull his and how small he his compared to the Glenfarg swingers meet etc Must admit though it's something I enjoy watching lol.

Great idear and would save so much time. Not anti black but cuckold dont just me black guys and some cuckcouples male half are bi some kust like watching all need to be defined. Just an observation x" your so right I've tried to message you but I'm outside your age range. We only use this site for the cuckolding aspect, so a specific room would be ideal for us. A lot of the cuckolding specific sites are catered mainly for the US ly I would have said whats the point. I see no purpose in having a cuckold chat room. However since the opening of a Bi chat room I have been finding it easier to chat with couples into cuckolding.

Those profiles with husbands too shy to admit to being bi or bi curious in their profiles somehow manage to find their way into the room lol Were there a dedicated cuckold room I might more easily find that special elusive cuckold couple whose circumstances and desires match those of my own.

Watersports and dogging, now neither of those words has kept their original meaning! Just an observation x". It's not looking like this is going to happen?? I think Bulls are even less likely to publicly admit to enjoying the sensation of a cuckolds mouth wrapped over their cock. As a bull I'd love it It would open many new avenues. Are there any cuckold couples around the South Wales area? Need a regular x. Totally agree As far as definition goes as long as my wife is receiving bbc and I'm watching I could really care.?? After all, as a single guy its hard enough finding people to meet.

However in my case because I have more than just a passing interest in cuckolding couples the backlash doesn't bother me. As one door closes another opens. Totally agree, admin any plans? Anybody from around the South Wales area into this? I love to hear and share experiences! I think a forum would be a good place to start, and maybe regional too? Well someone needs to ask admin. This is the forum not chat rooms.

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Just put the word our there Canadian Room is for Cuckold fun. Why not do it anyway. Simples" What a good idea, Lets make our own Cuckold room, as said the Canadian room is the Cuckold room.

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Am I a cuck? My fantasy is for my wife to go to another man's house for sex an I like to receive pics an vids of her being fucked! It's a mega turn on for me,anyone got any views. Glenfarg swingers meet a mega turn on for me,anyone got any views" Get in touch, I love Cuckold fun.

Great idea. Simples What a good idea, Lets make our own Cuckold room, as said the Canadian room is the Cuckold room" There are no thre in the Canadian room. So who is going to be the first? It's a mega turn on for me,anyone got any views" done this. Sent him pics on her Kik. Great fun. As a single man there is no bigger turn on then to have a man watch me fuck his wife. There are so many possibilities surrounding the cuckold life style. I vote YES. I would love to serve a couple, which is different from this, but duties would be sucking cock and pussy, cleaning all cum up Glenfarg swingers meet be locked in a cock cage while this all takes place Think thats the problem with fab subscribers dont realy have a say in what is or not good for the site.

Its a big topic and should be given a room. Any cucks in the South Wales area? A duck room might be a little out of the swinging realms " I think a lot of Fabers would go qwackers for a Duck Room. Let's demand a pond! Lol Just teasing. Very much agree cuckold room a must. I do want a cuck foom do I can laugh at all the little cucked guys with their tiny penises.

Ah love it. Another cuckold couple here who would love a room where we could chat with other similar couples and to bulls. Over half term we hope to finally become a true cuckold couple. We arranged meets but got let down twice. We have meet set up mistress is goung to tie me up and play with bull. I will have to clean bull and drink up used condom you think I be true cuckold I dont even know if I be allowed to cum that day.

Any Scottish couples into this, please mail me, if we cant have a cuckold room, we might as well start a list of locals that may be interested, im in Glenfarg - close to Kinross and not far from fife or Perthshire feel free to mail and say hi. Cuckold room - what a brilliant idea!

Personally think it would be great. I agree If admin really don't want to have a forum on here for that, then just say.

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D" Someone should report these posts, bring them all to the attention of Admin so they can see we all want a cuckold room. D Someone should report these posts, bring them all to the attention of Admin so they can see we all want a cuckold room " Do you mean a chatroom? I must admit, a cuckold room would make it so much easier when trying to arrange meets to bring groups of couples and Bulls together. You try finding an actual, genuine Bull who actually understands the three way dynamic!!!! Just saying.

I write a semi regular blog about some of my experiences that you may find interesting. Posible argument being you would need a room for every ocupation alongside other reasons similar reason for this room idea, although i think a cuckold room would be the exception to tge rule.

Love to tell how it started for us Jane. Happy to meet with most couples for discrete mfm fun, cuckolding and just experimenting, you decide how far friendly, polite, good communicator and fun to be with most of all, clean and discrete. Has anyone thought about reverse cuck here?

I'm the female who wants my bloke to have a cuckcake Google and see on tumbir. Thanks Glenfarg swingers meet this tip! It's really hot!! Sum thing id love to try.

Glenfarg swingers meet

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