God will never give you another womans husband

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In this post, I am going to give you some really legit reasons why falling in love with a married man is just not supposed to happen and why God is not with it. If you have not read my C an A Married man fall in love with his mistress blog I highly suggest you read it. In it, I speak the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

The main reason why you are not falling in love with a married man is that your love is based on a lie, deception, and you are living in a false reality. I know it sounds harsh but this whole idea that you are going to run away with your married man and live happily ever after is just NOT true. Statistically speaking, even if by chance a married man does leave his wife for you. Nine times out of ten the relationship does not work out anyway. If you are stuck on a married man then for my audio on the 5 step plan to getting over a married man.

Also, check out a snippet of the audio below.

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Before we get into it, know that I am a Christian. God is not going to support you falling in love with a married man. God is not going to bless your sin when He clearly says in his word do not commit adultery. It does not work like that. The reason why I am telling you this is because you would not believe how many women fill up my inbox trying to convince me that they are falling in love with these married men, how God understands, and that their actions are justified.

If you are a reader of my blog then you know I am Christian and as a Christian let me say this. Point blank period. And I have a video as to why that is which you can watch below. I wrote a blog on love, lust, and infatuation which you can read here. So many people confuse the two. But when you think about what are you doing MOST of the time when an affair is happening. It is probably sex.

And if he takes you to dinner you are just having dinner before you have sex, or you may do an activity before you go and have sex with this married man. But what the affair all comes down to is sex. Therefore, if all of your interaction is based on sex you are not in love you are in lust.

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And lust is a work of the flesh. It is about satisfying the flesh. If you are in this situation, do not try to pass off your fleshy desire as anything else. If you are with a married man you are doing it because your flesh wants it. Not because God has sent this man in your life as your true love and somehow wants you to fall in love with him and steal the married man away from his family. Love is unselfish and an adulteress affair is completely selfish. If you want to feed your flesh and take a married man away from his wife, then own it. But leave God out of it.

God knows your intentions and He knows your heart. He knows when your flesh is weak and when you are feeding into temptation because you really want to sleep with these married men. All of that spells lust. The fact that you would try to mask that and pass it off as something else is just delusion on your part. You may be able to fool yourself. But God knows if you are really seeking to please Him or if you are seeking to please yourself. God made you and there is no hiding what you really want, need, or desire to come out of a situation from God.

He knows how long you have been flirting with the married man, how you have been dressing up to impress the married man, and how you have been trying your best to get the married man to come back to your house and sleep with you. It may seem like that, but where it stems from is lust. You can watch my video on is it love or lust below. God is never going to support you falling in love with a married man because marriage is a covenant of God.

And if you read the Bible you should know how God feels about covenants. I know that this sounds harsh to some of you but harshness is what some of you need. A big dose of realness to lift you up and out of your delusion that falling in love and running off with a married man is the right thing to do. Not ever.

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As a Christian, your intent may be to jump around with a married man, and then once you have gotten him you may want to ask God for forgiveness and since you are covered by grace you will be forgiven and all would be well. Before I get on with my point I want to tell you a true story. As I had a conversation with a friend about this topic she asked me. My answer to her was this. I know that it is wrong and I would not want to disrespect God by using His grace to call a wrong a right. Despite popular belief.

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So many people want to do something bad KNOWING well in God will never give you another womans husband that they are going to do something bad with the intent of asking for forgiveness. Asking God for forgiveness means that we regret the wrong that we are doing and we seek forgiveness with the intention of not committing the sin again. How crazy would it be, if a serial rapist raped someone, asked for forgiveness, and the next day rape someone again, asks for forgiveness, and then two days later rape someone again?

He is just asking for forgiveness because he feels like that is what he should be doing. But he is not really sorry, because he keeps doing it. When you ask God to forgive you, God convicts you and you want to make the situation right with God. Not continuing on in your sin. Like the rapist, what you really want to do is to feed your flesh and do what you want. You want to keep doing the same thing over and over again, ask for forgiveness because that is what you are supposed to do as a Christian, knowing you have a master plan to keep messing with the married man.

Do you see where I am going with this? By going about things this way, this is NOT true repentance because instead of stopping the sin at onset or even after the first time of you asking for forgiveness you just keep going and committing the same sin again and again. After reading all of what I just wrote to you, and if you still decide to steal a married man out of his marriage, then you may ask for forgiveness, but also be open to the consequences that may come.

For every sin that we commit there are consequences. The Bible clearly says:. That is the danger of mocking God, disregarding His commandants, and trying to justify your wrongdoing. God is not going to do that. God says do not commit adultery. God is not a liar and He is NOT going to go back on His word because you want to steal a married man.

Also, check out my video on why having too many people in a relationship never works. If you choose to do so, acknowledge that this is a choice that you have made and do not try to throw it back onto God. I know I am coming across as very harsh, but this angers me that women want to put themselves in a situation and then try to make an unholy situation holy.

It angers me to hear how women are trying to break up families and take husbands away from their wives. It angers me to hear of the wives sinking down into depression wondering why their husband was taken away by another woman. None of that is okay. The point, blank, period. So if you came to this post hoping that you will hear something otherwise then I am so sorry to disappoint you. I feel it my obligation, to be honest with you. Instead of falling in love with a married man, cut it off and find a man of your own. Stuck in a situationship with a married man?

or the picture below. Single Christian Women want to end […]. In this post, I am going […]. I am going to tell you how to put yourself first in […]. Just take it one day at a time.

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I write a list of everything I want to accomplish in a day and the time frame I want to have it done by, like I will say from I want to finish xyz. And then I really stick to the timeline I set for myself it helps me manage my time wisely. I believe in fate. We were together 20 yrs ago then we found each other again. Talking each day seeing each other every day etc he was there for me daily when I had cancer.

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I strongly disagree with it being dirty. Love like that is beautiful and I know God looks at every persons circumstance!! You are right. God does look at our circumstances, and at the end of the day when all is said and done and we leave this Earth we have to explain our actions to God.

So if you feel like your rationale is good enough for Him and He will understand, then that is all you have to worry about. Because in the end He God is our judge.

God will never give you another womans husband

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God Will Never Give You Someone Else’s Husband