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Maybe only one of the above is true. Or maybe I can read your mind like an overweight fortune teller with a crystal ball. She was working as a waitress at the local college restaurant. She was one of the most beautiful girls at my university in London. Every guy wanted to find a way in her pants.

Okay, eventually I also failed because the moment she took off her clothes in my dorm room, my little friend stopped working. Hey, she was really hot…and I was young and inexperienced. Most men would be happy if they knew how to approach a waitress. Eventually, they all fail. A Hook up hooters of friends has fun at hooters and after the third round of liquid courage one of them tries his luck. Hook up hooters about being loud, obnoxious, and rude…at least if you want to pick up a waitress who gives you her instead of slapping you across the face.

What she wants is to accidentally meet an amazing man like you. Yup, I know. You and I know that. You know that you want to approach her. She knows nothing. Now she walks up to your table. Come on. He looks up, his eyes get bigger and wider and he smiles like Papa Smurf on drugs. She has seen one of these movies before. It feels exciting, unexpected, and so damn good. Your belly is an empty tank that needs to get filled.

So order your goddamn food. You already know what you want…but take your time anyway. Your mission is to bond with her while letting her know that you like her before she leaves with your order. Giving her a compliment is the best way to start this process.

Unfortunately, most men mess up big time. No matter if you want to learn how to pick up a hooters girl or any other waitress…silence is your best friend. You want to say the compliment I shared with you in the section in a low-key way. Be quieter than a mouse. Her colleagues and the other guests should not find out about your little secret. This would destroy everything. She gets paid for serving customers, not for flirting with you. The good news is that most restaurants are pretty noisy. And guess what? Whispering one sentence is okay. Whispering all the freaking time is creepy as fuck.

You gave her your compliment. Your food is ready. She walks to the kitchen and comes out with your fatty cheeseburger…and a smile on her face. She wants you to continue so badly. You have to be fast. Your beautiful waitress smiles and tells you one interesting fact about herself before she walks to the next table.

Whatever she told you…remember it. You need her answer to close the deal. Increase the sexual tension with your eyes and your smile. You asked her to share one interesting fact about herself with you. And she did. Smile and wave while she walks back to the kitchen with the brightest smile on her face. Oh, wait. Nobody has to know that you just picked up the waitress while you pretended to read my book Rise of the Phoenix at the table.

You want to know how to pick up a waitress. They are either too loud or too rude. What do you have to do instead? Your approach has to be under the radar. Be surprised when you see her. You need to bond with her and the best and easiest way is to give her a compliment.

Be a gentleman. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. You want to know how to Hook up hooters up a waitress, huh? Let me guess:. Who is she? I remember this one girl. Her name was Charlotte. They all failed because…. Guess what happens next? Say Yes to the Coincidence Challenge Picking up a waitress can be challenging.

Then you order your cheeseburger and continue with the next step… 4. Bonding time! This makes it easy to pull this quiet move off. Transform into a Regular Customer You increased the sexual tension with your compliment. Don't be too obvious. She appreciates your attempt to keep everything under the radar.

She serves other customers while you are waiting for your food. Now she serves you the food. Everyone is happy. Does she smile back? Pick up a Waitress with Her Answer What did she answer? Summed Up Wisdom You want to know how to pick up a waitress. Let me guess: You have a thing for sexy restaurant staff. She might even work at Hooters. I know how you feel because I figured it out Sebastian Harris.

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Hook up hooters

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