How do you know you re doing the right thing

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Search Questions or Ask New:. Top Rated Answers. It is sometimes hard to do the right thing However, if you truly act with your best interest at heart keeping in mind the best interest of others as best you know how second If in hindsight you find that it wasn't the best possible choice, then so be it. Lastly, no matter what Did you find this post helpful? I think time will tell you if you did the right thing, but in the end, if you are asking this question to yourself, i think you did the right thing in the simple fact that you are worried about your decisions and the impact of them on people.

I think you are trying everything you can to do the best thing, so this is a good thing. If you felt like it was a right thing to do at that moment, then probably it was the best choice. You won't always know. Whatever happens happens, and once something has been done, you usually can't change it.

So whatever you decide to do, stick with it and make the most of it. If you feel right about it, you know that you did the right thing. If not, you should look into and search for the problem. Believe in you. This is a tricky question to ask yourself. If you felt like in the moment it was the right thing to do, usually it is. If you put a lot of thought into your decision then you must have had good reasons for doing the thing you did.

When we look back on our choices it's easy to think good things were worse than they actually were and bad things were better than they actually were. Something could have been making you upset at the time you had it, but now that you're without it you may feel nostalgic and not remember how much it was hurting you.

You'll never know for sure if you did the right thing or not, but what you can do is trust yourself. Trust that you made the right choice for you. Sometimes doing the right thing feels wrong but there are moments in the future where you'll know you did the right thing. What is interesting about this question is that people often evaluate the right thing exclusively on the basis of the or the outcome.

That has something to do with it "did things turn out ok? A big factor of knowing if you did the right thing is whether in your heart, your gut, you are ok with the actions you took. It is possible to get to a good result through lies, deceit and cheating - does the end justify the means?

Many people would be uncomfortable with that including me. Evaluate if you did the right thing in part with your sense of thebut listen to and trust your own instincts. Do you feel good, right, comforted, by your own actions? That tells you the answer. You don't. That's the beauty of it. You just have to go about in life doing what feels right to your heart. If you do what your tells you, then trust it to be right. Never doubt your decisions, your gut feeling. And anyway. They are all choices.

You just gotta make them at some point and NOT worry whether they are right or wrong or good or bad. Sometimes the right choice isn't the easy one. A lot of the time you just have to consider pros and cons, and trust your gut. If you think you made the right decision, you probably did. You will know that the outcome will help encourage a healthy environment and bring happiness to everyone the decision involved. You might not feel good or things may seem bad right now because it was a tough choice or it immediately negatively affected someone but you will know that when you and they get through it, everyone will be much better for having been a part of that.

Anonymous July 2nd, am. Does it feel right in your heart? Personally, doing the right thing gives me a warm feeling in my belly! I believe the ultimate personal goal is trying to hear your instinct. If your instinct tells you that the particular thing is right, then it probably is! Try and hear what your heart says sometimes! When something agrees with your morals, puts you in a positive direction towards your major goals and makes you happy, you have done the right thing. Anonymous July 7th, pm. It depends on how you feel about it. If you're really feeling conflicted, I think making a pros and cons chart can really help make your thoughts clearer and help you understand your thoughts on it.

Anonymous July 1st, pm. Trust yourself. You decide if what you did was right or wrong. If you think you are right stick to it regardless of what others say on the matter. And if you feel you are wrong, accept it. Anonymous June 29th, am. It depends on what it is! If you feel right about it, it's most likely the right thing! If not, you may want to look into it and see what the problem may be. You know you did the right thing when you are happy and healthy, or the action you picked was the one that most greatly benefited the welfare of yourself and those around you.

If you feel bad mentally about it then it might not be the right thing to do in my opinion if it didn't hurt to do it it could have been the right thing to do but if you did it to hurt someone it was wrong. If you respected and thought about othersconsidering their feelingand still you were able to be brave enough to follow your heart and act for the right reasosnthen You did the right thing :. Anonymous September 7th, am. You know if you did the right thing if you know that it will all turn out better in the end, no matter how hard it is now. Anonymous September 9th, am.

There's no such thing as an absolute "right thing", there's what's right for you. You feel it in How do you know you re doing the right thing heart. You ignore your mind for a moment, you close your eyes and you try to feel what's in your heart. If you feel content, then it was the right thing. Always follow your heart and instinct for your decisions. You mind can only help you to a certain point, then it will confuse you. You'll know you did the right thing because deep down you won't regret it.

It might not have the right or good outcomes but despite that you won't regret it or wish you did something else. When there is a positive outcome in the end. Knowing whether or not you did the right thing can be a challenge at first, but overtime you realize that there were more negative consequences in not doing something than the positive.

Doing the right thing not only helps others but it helps yourself. If you feel good about it. And if it was an inevitable situation, you just have to suck up the air and go with what your heart tells you. Anonymous July 28th, am. You never know, you only can do what you feel is the best thing. Some times the worst choices are the best. You usually have a good feeling about it, If not, you will need to wait until you see the. Anonymous September 3rd, pm.

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How do you know you re doing the right thing

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How Do You Know If You’re Doing The Right Thing? Oprah Explains…