How to make me more attractive

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How do you become more attractive? The most attractive people know how to use body language. Here are 15 rules to increase your attraction. Of course, we can be physically attracted to someone, but we are more often drawn to their confidence, passion, and personality. Being attractive is about more than just appearance. Attractiveness is an essential part of understanding what motivates people.

But first, how good are you at reading body language? Reading attraction cues is just as important as being attractive. If you want to make people want you, if you want to be attractive, if you want to understand people, you need to learn:. I want to redefine the law of attraction. Attraction is about being available and drawing the right people, ideas, and opportunities to you. First, what is attraction? Attraction is when we are interested in, intrigued by, or feel the urge to gravitate toward something or someone.

Attraction is not only about looks, either. Confidence is a plus, too, but availability wins, hands down. The best way to show availability—whether it is at a networking event, party, business meeting, or date—is by demonstrating availability. Show people you want to connect, talk, and start a relationship. In a nutshell, al amplification bias is when people tend to think their flirting cues are obvious to others. But in fact, they are not. Action Step: At your next social event, make a point of telling people why you are there and How to make me more attractive you are looking for.

Something like:. Try showing it, and you will be pleasantly surprised at how welcoming and curious people are in return. Are you closing yourself off to others? We might close our body language and How to make me more attractive unavailable without even realizing it:. We actually close our body language when we are feeling mentally closed off, and people can see this a mile away. Body language research has shown that keeping your torso, chest, and abdomen open to the world is the best way to show availability.

Open body language is more attractive than any outfit, hairstyle, or dance move. Female and male body language also differ. Here is an overview of female body language to watch out for:. An interesting story about how open body language and open-mindedness go hand in hand: I was people-watching at a networking event, and watched a man and woman chatting.

At the beginning of the conversation, the woman was holding her purse in front of her chest, and the man was holding his wine glass in front of him. At one point, the man made a joke, and both of them began to laugh. You could see them emotionally relax and open up.

At that moment, the woman swung her purse over her shoulder and opened up her body language. In the very next second, the man placed his glass on the cocktail table next to them and pulled out a business card. They continued speaking the rest of the night. From a body language perspective, an open, exposed, or stroked neck is not only more sensual but also releases tantalizing pheromones. Purse and cup behavior is a common form of blocking, too. It is how someone interacts with their environment, based on their emotions. For example, if a woman is feeling uncomfortable or not attracted to someoneshe will either clutch her bag tightly or place it in front of or covering her body.

When a woman is attracted, she literally and figuratively wants nothing to stand in the way between her and her lover. Both men and women will also do the same with their drinking cup, using it as a barrier to block out others. If she loosely holds her purse, and it is not blocking her front, this shows she is at ease and feels more attraction. Better yet, if she puts it on the floor, on a nearby table, or on the back of the chair, she wants it out of the way for her interactions with you. I was actually at a singles event the other night and watched a man and woman talking.

The woman had her purse partially blocking her body and was gripping the handle tightly under her arm. Then the man told her he was a doctor, and the woman literally swung her purse up and over her shoulder, out of the way. It was amazing. Fronting, or squaring up, is when you square up your body so you are directly facing a person.

When you front someone, you are aling attraction and interest. They sit on one of the chairs. Where do you sit for optimum attraction? The answer is c Seat C! Seat C offers the best direct contact opportunities, and removes the table as a physical barrier. Sometimes you might not have a choice. So if your partner is sitting directly in front of you at a table, try sitting a little to the side, and angle your belly button toward him or her, using open-palm gestures. Leaning toward someone is a nonverbal way of telling them you are engaged. This works especially well if you are in a group of people, and you are interested in one person in the group.

Pro Tip: Are there objects like a chair or desk in the way? Maneuver yourself or move the objects so you can lean forward without the clutter. Studies have found that when someone is near an attractive person, their heart rate increases. AND this works both ways. This then artificially made the stranger seem even more attractive. People seem more attractive when our heart is racing.

After receiving those gazes, both the owner and the dog had elevated oxytocin levels. Cool, right? Eye gaze works for increasing attraction because oxytocin is literally produced in the heart. An intimacy equilibrium model by Argyle and Dean says if you stare too much, the other person will look less 2.

My favorite technique I used back in my college days is to make eye contact, hold the contact for 3 seconds, then give a wink and look away while smiling. You might have heard that smiling is a good thing. And it is! However, you CAN overdo it. I call this the Smile-o-meter. On a scale of 1—10, how much do you smile in a conversation?

My sweet spot for smiling is a 7. Research shows that people who smile more often have less status and less power 1. Use the wait-and-smile approach:. In this way, others will feel as if their name was so appealing to you that it made you smile brightly. Action Step: Where is your smile on the Smile-o-meter? In your next conversation, rate yourself out of Try to increase or decrease to make it an optimal 7.

What does this mean? Vigilance means:. After enough rapport is built up, and you start to get more comfortable, more forward and direct attraction cues can be used. Way to be a mood killer! Mirroring is when you subtly copy the body How to make me more attractive of the other person.

The consensus is that mirroring is H. In one study, men rated a woman more sexually attractive if she had mimicked his verbal and nonverbal behavior during speed dating 2. We tend to subconsciously mirror people if we like them. The key to mirroring is being subtle—obvious mirroring can actually break rapport and decrease attraction. If someone leans back on the wall, lean back, too. If they prop up their leg in a figure 4do that as well. Unfortunately, mine is the classic resting bitch face RBF. Look curious and interested in the environment, groove to the music, be starry eyed, and smile—these small cues will go a long way to becoming more approachable.

What is congruence? In a nutshell, congruence is being the same inside and out. Let me explain this important but simple concept with shapes. First, you know what a circle is. And you know what a triangle is.

But if a circle tries to become a triangle…. To be more attractive, your body language and facial expressions must be congruent. It never worked. Action Step: Who are you trying to portray? People can sniff out incongruency a mile away. The 5 in 15 rule of flirting is to touch someone 5 times within 15 minutes 1. The touch can be when you first approach someone, and you can sprinkle touches here and there when you make a joke or share laughter. Pick your area of touch:. Touch is so necessary that even members of the lowest caste in India were called untouchables 2.

Unexpected touch is even better because it actually makes our heart rate increase. Use unexpected touches to increase arousal and excitement throughout your conversation 2. Pro Tip: Gauge your touch. Women indicated touch from a stranger is the greatest invasion of privacy, while men felt the same when it came from another man 2.

Did you know there is a preferred side we like people to be on 1? When a person is honest and cooperative, stand to their right to build trust with them. When someone is closing down or being deceptive, stand to their left to break rapport and create tension and stress. Try switching over to the other side. Use transitions to make it less obvious:. Test each side for 30 seconds to 2 minutes, then test again to confirm their right side. You can even ask your partners or friends their seat preferences the next time you hang out at a restaurant or the movies.

How to make me more attractive

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23 Subtle Ways to Make Yourself More Attractive