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Jamie November 13, Regardless of the reason, if you need to know their birthday without them finding out about your inquiry, this post has the solution for you. What you do with that information is up to you!

Go to the About section of their Facebook profile then look under Overview for their birthday. Or you could go to Events and then Upcoming Birthdays. If the person has entered their birthday, your search is over. Checking Snapchat or Instagram are other options for you to check social media.

If you scroll through their Instagram profile or Facebook timeline, you may see their past celebrations. Scroll through their profile and posts looking for birthday wishes. If this is your last resort, be prepared with an explanation of why you were there.

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Just remember to ask them not to let on that you inquired! So just grab your phone and make that call. Just have a good excuse to be in the kitchen at the time! This works with digital calendars if you can gain access. Either you could wait for them to leave their phone lying around, or ask them to share their calendar with you. If your friend has a social media presence or works online, a simple Google or DuckDuckgo search may tell you what you need to know. Type their name and city into Google or another search engine to see what comes up.

Sometimes links to public records come up, other social media s, a personal website, or their date of birth is pulled by the search engine from publicly available information. Websites such as Zabasearch or your local public records office may have online resources for checking dates of birth. Some limit what data is available online, but Zabasearch is pretty good at finding information about people.

It only has access to public information but is a useful resource to try. Celebrity culture is all around us so starting a conversation about celebrities should be easy.

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Talk about any that you both like or admire and then slide the conversation around to their respective ages and birthdays. Then ask the other person if they share a birthday with any celebrities. If they say yes, they may tell you the date. If they tell you the celebrity but not the date, you can look it up later. You may think of other creative questions to get someone to indirectly tell you their birthday.

The birth date is right there for you to see. It costs money and is a little stalker-ish but gets the job done. Just discipline yourself enough to not look at anything else on the report aside from their birthday. You never quite know what skeletons a person has in their closet! Anyone can lie about their birthdate on Social Media or other platforms. If you need to have that exact information as it is on their Birth Certificate, a background check may be your only option. Lastly, you may want to consider asking your friend what their birthday is. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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