If a guy texts you after a hookup

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Depending on the connection the two of you have you can obviously edit the message to suit such as including internal jokes or referencing something you did togetherbut the baseline should be something encouraging or inviting. Given you want to see them again, that is. Don't overthink about it. If you've had an amazing time with the person then it makes sense to send them a text. Share your feelings with them and tell them you wanna hang out with them again. However, you might want to send the post hookup text after a day or two; not after a week or on the same night.

I had fun last night. Being straight forward is always the easiest way to communicate and this states exactly what you mean. No hinting, just direct communication. Inside Scoop: How to turn a hookup into a serious relationship?

After last night…I gotta give it to you: your chest muscles are legendary. Sizzling hot. Cheeky in just the right way. Not all first times are great, esp. There are so many different GIFs circulating the net. Some men have a frail ego where s3x is concerned…. Inside Scoop: Ho w to get over a one night stand or Hookup. Flattery, oh sweet flattery. The truth is, most of us appreciate hearing genuine compliments after s3x.

We all know great s3x is addictive. What have you done to me? So, about last night…I vote for doing that again! Express you had fun, one way or another. Should you text a guy after a hookup? Mind-blowing Two words, that really say it all.

If a guy texts you after a hookup

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