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Kat Williams works at a subway station. Then end up falling in love with a worker but during his time he goes on a dating site to find a partner. In. Video Romeo Miller. Photos 2. Add image. Top cast Edit. Katt Williams Mickey as Mickey. Master P Trey as Trey. Liana Mendoza Claudia as Claudia. Terry Miles Rabbit as Rabbit. Sammy B. Willis Erika as Erika. Ann Randolph Annie as Annie.

Reynaldo Rey Mr. Bentay as Mr. Jerard Jones Mr. Walker as Mr. Walker as Gerard Jones. Angela Maria Myra as Myra. Bailey Brown Peaches as Peaches. Willis Turner Marlon as Marlon. Master P D'Juan Baham. More like this. Storyline Edit. Add content advisory. Did you know Edit. Goofs Ten minutes into the movie, the first appearance of the "HitUsUp. Fourteen minutes into the movie, the letters are there.

User reviews 8 Review. Top review. I just rented this tonight. Seeing Katt Williams on the cover made me want to see it since he's the hot commodity in comedy these days. But Internet dating watch online kind of blanched after seeing Master P's name as director. After seeing it all I can say is directing is one more thing Master P should avoid next to acting and dancing. Here he has Katt as a sandwich boy who wants to find his soul mate and looks to online dating to find the woman of his dreams. Instead of setting up different scenarios or vignettes for Katt's potential dates, the movie mostly has girls coming by the sandwich shop looking for Katt.

The few scenes where he actually goes on dates are boorish and nonsensical. A whole lot of comics appear in parts that could have greatly benefited from the participation of real actors. It's kind of a shame because this should be something that Williams should be proud to put on his as a star comic but it looks like something he did while he was in high school. Not even funnier than some of those really bad SNL sketches that don't seem to go anywhere. Master P's whole directorial career has involved trying to make comedies starring stand up comedians.

Most of the cast are comics. The problem is most stand up comedians make bad actors, especially with an inexperienced director. They don't have the instinct to work as an ensemble the way comic actors do. As a result a movie about a hot topic that had a lot of potential and well-known urban comics was very unfunny.

The one silver lining in the movie are the girls. Especially Sammy B. All are incredibly hot and a goofy and geeky performance by Angela Maria. Though their acting was whack too at least they helped ease the pain of watching this steaming pile.

Details Edit. Release date December 30, United States. United States. Box office Internet dating watch online. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 1h 24min. Related news. Jun 27 ifc. Contribute to this Suggest an edit or add missing content. Edit. Top New Shows of So Far. See the full list. Get some picks. Recently viewed Please enable browser cookies to use this feature.

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Internet dating watch online

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