Is dating your personal trainer bad

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Basically I was talking to my mate about this the other day and asked two close female friends and they said they would feel self conscious and insecure if this was the case. I'm just wondering as I may not mention this to future girls till a couple of dates in at least, once I complete my course. So please reply by saying your body shape so I can make a rough judgement on the girls opinions I am interested in dating. Thanks for any input!

Not what you're looking for? Report 10 years ago 2. My ex was a fitness instructor and led fitness classes etc. I thought it was a great thing! He made my mum a fitness Is dating your personal trainer bad and used to give me tips on exercises and let me into his gym and swimming pool for free I'm pretty slim but I don't think it makes any difference.

People who work in that profession are used to seeing all body shapes and sizes so there's no reason to feel insecure. Report 10 years ago 3. I would definitely be self-concious. I'm more or less an average weight now, after I ed a gym, but for years I was slightly overweight because I prefer sitting down to exercise and love food.

I reckon that a personal trainer would have the complete opposite personality to me and it'd make me feel bad about myself, because I'm still not particularly skinny. Report Thread starter 10 years ago 4. Original post by doodle7 My ex was a fitness instructor and led fitness classes etc. Report 10 years ago 5. I'm quite overweight and I think I'd feel pretty insecure about this! But then again, a personal trainer isn't going to date any girl who has excess flab on her! Mind you, there are perks to this - he'd be able to help you along the way to weight-loss, as well as having a great body, so actually I reckon its mixed, but more along the lines of insecure.

Does that even make sense. Report Thread starter 10 years ago 6. Original post by lizlaz I would definitely be self-concious. Becca : Badges: 1. Report 10 years ago 7. If I liked the guy it wouldn't bother me that he was a personal trainer, I might quite like it actually! Report 10 years ago 8. Original post by Peteo I wouldn't mind a girl with excess fat, infact in the past i've dated more like this than slim. Don't judge Is dating your personal trainer bad PTs like that!!! I don't actually prefer stick thin.

Report 10 years ago 9. Will dating a personal trainer make me feel self-conscious about my own body?

Is dating your personal trainer bad

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