Korean idol group rules in dating

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K-Pop artist and YouTuber Grazy Grace spilled the tea on what rules people working in the Korean entertainment industry must follow. As with all things in life, none of these rules are hard and fast rules to live by and may not apply to every scenario, but are truths that many but not all people working in the industry have to follow.

Grace shares that the reason she emphasizes no boyfriends is that female idols tend to be sheltered more by their agency. They are protected more heavily than male idols to protect their pure image, as well as to possibly prevent girl entertainers from falling in love and giving up their career for romance. Your browser does not support video. Your company may weigh you. If you gain one or two pounds, your managers will hound you about your weight.

After practice, you should basically just go home and sleep. When she was a solo artist, she said her dorm was in her company and at first she enjoyed it because it saved her money on transportation, but it quickly became very stressful because they were involved in every aspect of her life. You must greet your elders and bow at a degree angle, and you must take the time to bow perfectly.

Were these rules more or less what you expected entertainers to follow, or did they come out of the left field for you? View Dark Theme. Share This Post Facebook.

Korean idol group rules in dating

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