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Orange County Press Release. The dashboard will be updated every Tuesday and Thursday. There is no cost for this program, however, families must meet requirements for enrollment as listed on our website. Pregnant women and families seeking Home-Based services for children up to age 2 and families seeking Center-Based services for children ages 6 weeks-4 years old are encouraged to complete an online application at www. Once submitted, applicants will be contacted by phone to complete an Admissions Interview and receive instructions on submitting supporting documents.

If families are unable to apply online, they may leave a message requesting a telephone interview at Ext. Our community partners such as domestic violence shelters are also witnessing a marked increase in calls related to intimate partner violence or hostile home environments. For instance, social distancing is forcing LGBTQ youth to stay at home with families who are hostile or abusive about their sexuality or gender. And not too long ago, the American Psychological Association had to demand that Immigration and Customs Enforcement stop using confidential psychotherapy notes to justify deportations.

Finally, staff at community-based organizations are already overworked and under-resourced. This stress is now amplified as they face increased demands. Our work is modeled on the idea that we cannot rely solely on psychiatrists, social workers, therapists, and other professionals to do all of the mental health and healing work within communities, especially now. Our goals have been to educate and equip peers and families with tools, resources and skills so they can support themselves and their friends, Ladies want sex Efland NorthCarolina 27243 and communities.

For instance, we know through our work that young people need the consistent presence of someone who can listen, validate and support them. We know our services need to be more accessible during this pandemic so we now have offerings on Instagram Live, Facebook drop-ins, and so on. ly, much of our work was in person.

We also acknowledge that many may not have access to the Internet. Not only does that make it harder for us to reach them, but it intensifies their sense of isolation. To address this, we are providing services by telephone and also training the people who can virtually access our platforms to support those within their own networks who are more isolated.

So this crisis has provided an opportunity to re-imagine how we plan for accessible and innovative care delivery, how we run our organizations, and how we prioritize mental health and wellness for our staff. What advice do you have for community health workers who may be feeling overwhelmed? Many community workers do not prioritize self-care. We must recognize that every dime we raise, every meal we drop off, every phone call we make, any information we share matters and is valuable. Seek out virtual support from other organizers. Find a practice that will ground you and center you as much as possible.

Where do you see hope?

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I think back to the early days of the HIV epidemic and am reminded of all the ways advocates had to push the government to respond, over a period of years. They advocated and protested until finally the government put its weight behind finding effective treatments.

That also had a very real impact on the structure of health care and the way programs were deed to help people with HIV. We, too, have to force a discussion and remind ourselves what started and energized national conversations that led to change. We now have to use our voices, through art, media, and politics, to keep issues of equity in the forefront.

Another hopeful is that a lot of community-based organizations are working together, providing aid to the community, training one another, collaborating. We hope those alliances continue. To learn more about mental health resources in Orange County, please visit our web.

Why is racism a topic when discussing health?

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Because racism is a determinant of health. Inequities often stem from structural racism or the historical disenfranchisement and discrimination of particular marginalized groupsincluding racial and ethnic minoritieslow-income populationsand members of the LGBTQ community. These groups have historically been withheld from obtaining resources that are needed to be healthy, and are disproportionately exposed to a combination of health risks such as poverty, violence, poor neighborhood conditions, and environmental health hazards.

In order for the United States to become the healthiest nation, organizations and agencies must be explicit when advancing health equity. That means naming the groups impacted by equity initiatives and identifying the steps required to eliminate disparities in health. Being explicit is key to ensuring vulnerable populations receive the social and economic resources needed to be as healthy as possible. It is also crucial to be explicit in order to ensure that disparities in health are not worsened as a result of ambiguity. Being explicit entails discussing the topic of racism openly and not tip-toeing around the subject.

Racism and discrimination result in U. Right now, it seems that America is undergoing a transformation. Calls for racial equity, diversity, and inclusion can be heard from protesters and corporate executives alike. People who were once silent on issues of racial justice and inequality are speaking up — in the office, at home, and online. With two viruses plaguing our country, one that is new to us COVIDand one that has always been present racismthere are many people across the country who want to educate themselves on racial equityand what it means to be an 'anti-racist.

This list is by no means exhaustive or comprehensive, but it's a starting point for someone seeking to educate themselves on important words related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Allyship Merriam-Webster defines "allyship" as "the state or condition of being an ally: supportive association with another person or group. Anti-racist Activists and leading scholars have argued that it's not enough for allies to say they're "not racist.

Ibram X. Kendi, a scholar and the author of " How to Be an Antiracist. BIPOC This acronym, which stands for "Black, Indigenous, and people of color," has gained popularity as a more inclusive term than "people of color" when talking about marginalized groups affected by racism. Cisgender It's important to know that one's Ladies want sex Efland NorthCarolina 27243 and one's gender are two different things.

Cisgender people experience privilege in many aspects of life, from being able to easily find a restroom that matches their gender expression to having their sex listed on their driver's match their gender. Misgendering Misgendering, per Merriam-Websteris when someone incorrectly identifies a person, such as a transgender person, by using the wrong label such as Mr.

It often makes a person feel invalidated as a human being. White privilege White privilege is the vast set of advantages and benefits that people have solely because they are white or pass as white. Kellogg Foundation's blog says. Examples include being able to walk around in a department store without being followed by a store clerk who suspects you of shoplifting, or being able to drive around a neighborhood without fearing that someone will call the police on you.

Microaggression Microaggressions are indirect expressions of racism, sexism, ageism, ableism, or another form of prejudice. They can be in seemingly innocuous comments from people who might be well-intentioned. However, they make another person feel different, violated, or unsafe.

Here are some examples of microaggressions. White fragility Robin DiAngelo, a researcher and author of the bestselling book " White Fragility ," explains the phenomenon as "a state in which even a minimum amount of racial stress becomes intolerable, triggering a range of defensive moves," including "the outward display of emotions such as anger, fear, and guilt, and behaviors such as argumentation, silence, and leaving the stress-inducing situation.

This phone is being actively monitored by staff Monday through Friday and they will promptly return your call. Copyright Orange County N. All Rights Reserved. The restrictions and prohibitions found in Section 4 of the June 26, Amendment to the Declaration Ladies want sex Efland NorthCarolina 27243 a State of Emergency in Orange County remain in effect in Orange County until they are amended or modified or the Orange County Declaration of Emergency is terminated except that Section 4 ii is modified as follows: The mandatory mitigation measures set out in E0Section 7B.

Originally posted by Dwayne Proctor, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Lack of access to testing, fear of being profiled while wearing face masks, and other issues are increasing toxic stress and straining mental health in communities of color. Learn what one leader is doing about it. One of the most troubling aspects of the COVID pandemic is how it is exacerbating long-standing and deeply rooted inequities in communities of color.

Often overlooked is how heightened stress from this heavy burden is impacting mental health. As the executive director and founder of Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective BEAMhe le his colleagues in training health care providers and community activists, as well as non-mental health professionals family members, peers, etc. Robinson is witnessing firsthand how lack of access to testing and fear of profiling while wearing face masksamong other issues are increasing toxic stress and straining mental health.

What are the unique mental health needs facing the communities of color you work with during this pandemic? First, we must acknowledge the historic causes of mental health challenges: the legacy of racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, economic stressors, and systemic failures that contribute to our mental health struggles. And we endure untreated chronic conditions that lead to poorer outcomes from COVIDwhile struggling to access health care.

So when COVID began spreading, we were already in distress because of systemic and structural failings. When people of color actually do manage to receive care, doctors are more likely to minimize their pain and dismiss their symptoms. Serena Williamsa world famous athlete, experienced this. Will you be heard? For instance, we are seeing that our folks who are living with diagnosed mental conditions like bipolar or anxiety disorders report higher distress. We also rely on our traditions to process grief. After a funeral, we usually return to the home and eat together, a repast. Mandated bans on traveling and gatherings have interrupted these traditions when we need them the most.

Resources on specific topic areas, such as food access, education, housing, and others, are all accessible on our websiteor at the links below. We must be vigilant in practicing physical distancing and wearing masks. It is more important than ever that we look out for each other.

Worship, religious and spiritual gatherings, funeral ceremonies, wedding ceremonies, and gatherings for health and safety, for work, to obtain goods, and to obtain government services are exempt from this Sec. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter.

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Ladies want sex Efland NorthCarolina 27243

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