Lonely women with money

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Our s are made to shine in your inbox, with something fresh every morning, afternoon, and weekend. It was the biggest sum of money lost by an individual in Hong Kong ever to a romance scammer.

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The amount of money swindled is also rapidly increasing. In the US, the FBI also warned last year of growing incidences of online-romance scams, but the average amount of money lost is far lower than in Hong Kong. The rapid growth in cases in Hong Kong led the police to establish an Anti-Deception Coordination Centre in July to combat fraud cases, which also encompass other scams such as those involving people posing as mainland Chinese officials or courier companies.

According to a promotional video link in Chinese produced by the Hong Kong police earlier this year, many of the romance frauds involve men posing as professionals from European or North American countries with jobs such as engineers, ship captains, servicemen, and managers in multinational corporations.

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Many of the scammers, however, are actually Nigerian men based in Malaysia, many on student visas. Hong Kong and Malaysian police have busted a of such crime syndicates in recent years. The fraudsters have also been duping women in Singaporewhere such scams have also been increasing, and elsewhere in the world.

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Lonely women with money

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