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Please purchase a subscription to read our premium content. Updated: July 17, pm. Scott, an African American, was an MU employee when lynched at the location in The front of the St. Louis Argus condemning the actions of police and civilians following the race riots. There were 60 lynchings in Missouri between and This map shows in what counties those took place. This weekend marks the th anniversary of the St. Louis Race Riots. New data further details the frequency of such events inside and outside the South.

Louis, Illinois.

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An earlier version of this article incorrectly described the location. The report is based on research conducted over the past six years and documents 4, racial terror lynchings throughout the United States. The new data reported lynchings that occurred outside of those states.

Oklahoma led the list with 76 lynchings. The Equal Justice Initiative is a non-profit organization based in Montgomery, Alabama, that primarily works to exonerate wrongly convicted African American inmates who are serving life sentences or are on death row. But the organization has said its research on lynching is intended to help people in every corner of the country gain a deeper understanding of their history and begin to develop a more mature civic identity.

Evan Milligan, a law fellow at the Equal Justice Initiative and one of the researchers who gathered and contextualized the lynching data, said that while it's important for people to celebrate what makes their country exceptional, it's equally if not more important to acknowledge the darker periods of their collective past.

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What is truly exceptional, Milligan said, is the ability to be reflective and honest about mistakes, and to take intentional steps to learn and grow from them. The Equal Justice Initiative defines lynching as the public murder of an African American for an accused social transgression or crime through methods that clearly underscored the influence of racial hierarchy in a given community.

Beck that catalogued just over 2, lynchings between and Milligan said specific county or state s vary depending upon the motivation of the organization that gathers them. The NAACP may be more inclusive in its definition of a lynching, he said, because its goal is to capture the full scale of the violence. By contrast, data gathered for legislative purposes may be more limited.

Leonidas C. Dyer of St. Louis Race Riots ofin which an estimated people, many of them black, were killed. The Dyer Anti-Lynching Bill, introduced to Congress inhad the aim of assuring, "persons within the jurisdiction of every State the equal protection of the laws, and to punish the crime of lynching. House of Representatives on Jan. Even proponents of anti-lynching laws were oftentimes more concerned with maintaining their own grip on power than with racial equality, Milligan said.

Some were driven by a fear of mob justice and its potential to erode public respect for the rule of law.

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Barrett following the lynching of James T. Scott near the Stewart Road Bridge in Columbia. Scott was a custodian at the University of Missouri Medical Building who had been accused of assaulting Regina Almstedt, the year-old white daughter of an MU professor. At the July 12,trial of George W. Scott and his family. Instead, he told jurors it was their duty to "send the word out across the state of Missouri that Boone County would not tolerate acts against organized government.

Scott in Barkwell was cleared of his murder charge after 11 minutes of deliberation. Dozens of people then crowded around Barkwell to offer their congratulations and shake his hand, according to Missourian reporting at the time. Entire communities in slave states like Missouri had been conditioned to regard African Americans as Mature women Jefferson City Missouri ga dependents who were unable to function on their own, much less govern themselves, Milligan said. Slavery was as much a mechanism of social control as it was a necessary component of the state economy.

Therefore, when African Americans were accused — oftentimes wrongly and with malicious intent — of engaging in debauchery or crime, they were simply fulfilling societal expectation, he said. Journalists of the time were culpable, too, for their understated or tacit adherence to antebellum attitudes about racial hierarchy.

Much of the newspaper coverage of lynchings examined by the Equal Justice Initiative researchers had what Milligan called a "celebratory" tone. The lynching of James T. Scott in was reported on in radically different ways by Columbia's two newspapers, by an angry editor at the Tribune and two threatened student reporters at the Missourian.

An Aug. Events like the one in Pierce City forced many African Americans to abandon their homes and communities in Missouri. The African American population of Lawrence County in southwest Missouri, where Pierce City is located, declined from in to 91 people inaccording to census records. Milligan said those who are willing to send their daughters and sons abroad to confront terrorism must also be willing to acknowledge and engage with their own history of violence.

LaGarrette King, an assistant professor of social studies education at MU, said he has noticed a troubling tendency among the public to label perpetrators of racial violence as outliers or bad seeds.

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But it is important to remember, King said, that many lynchings were carried out in broad daylight in front of hundreds if not thousands of people. James T. Scott of Columbia, for example, was lynched in front of what Missourian reporter Charles Nutter described as a "big throng of spectators. Milligan also warned against an over-reliance on assumptions and the dangers of cordoning oneself off from opinions that may contradict a long-entrenched worldview. One way leaders at the Equal Justice Initiative are hoping to help people achieve common ground is through reaching out to students.

Staff at the organization collaborated with teachers from Google for Education to translate their report into lesson plans that present the macabre history of lynching in an accessible way. The Equal Justice Initiative will also try to involve students and their communities via a project related to their National Lynching Memorial set to open in The memorial will consist of over corrugated steel columns, symbolic of lynching sites all over the U.

Communities that have experienced a lynching at any time in their past are invited to claim a steel column and install it as a memorial to victims of racial terror, Milligan said. The Equal Justice Initiative will accommodate the transport and fund the installation of the column and also will help to organize an essay writing contest among students from local schools.

These communities relegate the violence to time immemorial as a way to protect their moral dignity. That can be dangerous, though, Huber said. Supervising editor is Katherine Reed. Thank you for reading! Up. Log In. Purchase a Subscription. We hope that you continue to enjoy our free content.

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Yastrzemski homers twice, powers Giants past Cardinals Family obituary Missourian life story. Isom, Oct. Magazine Calendar. Runners race to celebrate First Amendment Freedoms Bicentennial festivities continue with John William 'Blind' Boone Bicentennial Concert D, daughters take the stage with jazz classics Heavy rain brings flash flooding to Columbia New MU men's basketball players introduced at media session.

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Tonight Clear to partly cloudy. Winds ENE at 5 to 10 mph. Home News State News. Close 1 of 6. Asa Lory. Scott's hetone in Columbia Cemetery was erected in May The grave of James T. Scott prior to being replaced with a larger hetone. Missourian File. Old Stewart Road bridge was the site of James T. Scott lynching. Courtesy of State Historical Society of Missouri. Courtesy of Missouri Historical Museum. Zach Baker. Missourian staff. Mock trial tests newspaper editor's role in lynching of James T. Scott's lynching coverage reveals fracture. Legacy of a lynching. King also stressed the importance of imparting knowledge about these events on developing minds.

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