Model 94 big bore

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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. ed Jan 4, I was always under the impression that the beefed up action of the 94 BB was only offered in , and caliber I see a later model I woke up in the middle of the night, a plague of older age I guess What I found was that Winchester produced their beefed up receiver 94 in the, and up until In 98 they introduced a 4th 'Big Bore' being the rifle chambered in Marlin.

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I thought I only had one more to secure! New questions, were those the only four calibers? Also again, does anyone know how many years they produced that rifle, not the Black Shadow version with the synthetic stock, but the one with wood furniture? ed Nov 5, You missed the Marlin. Model 94 takedown.

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M94 Marlin reciever. ed Feb 15, Seems to me that the 94 was also made in shotgun within the last 20 or 30 years. Not for long, if my memory is correct. I don't know if that was in the Big Bore action or not. I'm sure some 94 expert here will know. True, in the lever action shotgun debuted.

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ed Nov 2, The Timber Carbine was wood stocked and used the BB 94 action. It was introduced in. In Winchester had the "Timber"model in. So the Big Bore 94 calibers were.

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ed Feb 12, The BB chamberings were, as above. Thank you all for the info. Guess that means I have 2 more purchases to make! I am seeing that thing that they call the Black Shadow, and what they call the Timber Carbine, both of which have less than a 20 inch barrel. Did Winchester ever produce a BB94 with the traditional 20 inch barrel and full length magazine tube like the other BBs in the Marlin? Thank you Ranger So the standard model is an angle eject or top eject like the. In production for only one year I was perfectly happy believing that Winchester had produced the beefed up action of the BB in only three calibers, and A long time friend of mine fixed that by mentioning the I'm betting that if in fact I'm ever able to find one up for sale Anyone ever seen any for sale in recent years and noted the going price?

ed Nov 29, Kinda an old thread but Somewhere back in the 90's I believe Winchester cataloged a Model 94 in. Don't think it ever got out of those s. But I can't remember if it was to be offered on the BB94 platform or not. ed Apr 7, I believe you're mis-remembering. As a fan of. Thank you Ranger, I actually have my eye Model 94 big bore one right now, unfortunately it is going for about as much but we'll see how things pan out. Wonder how difficult it would be to find one of the AE s? There are a lot of the ones you call "1st generation" top eject s out there, all going for around to on up, but I've never seen one in an AE.

Any idea what s of the AE may have been produced or how difficult it may be to find? Researching online seems to indicate that the s of production are probably pretty small. In one thread it was claimed to possibly be one of the most collectible configurations of Winchesters out there.

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I see photos of AE s with the Monte Carlo stock, were there any produced with the straight stock as well? Also, once they went from top eject to angle eject, were they also cursed with the cross bolt safety that so many despise? Manny said:. I did secure the as I had hoped. Model 94 big bore ever owned it prior to now chose to drill the stock for a sling swivel stud.

They should never have attempted that on their own. The stud is horribly off center and they screwed it in so deep that they crushed the wood around it. I don't expect a used rifle to be perfect, but this kind of thing just gnaws on me, especially when the rifle was represented as "excellent" in the auction. I can find stocks and forearms in walnut with what looks to be the same checkering pattern.

The forearms are specified as being for a BB model, the stocks are simply specified as being for a model With the differences in the receivers from a standard to a BB model, are there differences in the butt stock itself as there seem to be in the forearm, or are they interchangible? ed Mar 2, the discussion. Continue with Facebook.

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Model 94 big bore

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