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The show comprises 4 strangers coming together on a sailboat, learning to sail, overcoming challenges such as weather, and learning to live with each other sustainably for 3 months at sea.

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Season 1 is complete and is being edited for release. If you are adventurous, enjoy challenges, love to learn, like to experience new things, and can work as a team, we want you as part of our crew. We are looking for energetic men and women ages with little to no prior sailing experience. This is a unique opportunity to potentially build your personal brand while essentially taking a free 3-month vacation touring the Caribbean. Compensation includes; Travel, room and board for 3 months, a stipend, and residuals from the show. There is no salary.

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Bonus skills: cinematography, video editing, still photography, yoga, SCUBA, music, cooking, medical experience. Documentary show, being broadcasted in Japan, based on people who are living in the hard hit zones around the world, self-filming their day to day lives with their smartphones like a video diary. Each episode focuses on a different category such as victims of COVID, people against face masks and other COVID regulations, presidential vote during the pandemic, Asian hate crime victims, etc. In this episode, we are Model casting houston a young individual who is against COVID vaccine as we are focusing on the fact that the vaccination progress data shows low rates on younger generations in Southern states.

This is an Audible rev-share deal offer. Royalities are for 7 years. Emily is unsure of her life. Unsure of herself. She's close to either seeing someone or just offing herself. When a transdimensional traveler starts spouting off his idea for an adventure while simultaneously juggling fireballs she knows that this is her one chance to truly experience a thousand lifetimes.

Honestly could you resist the temptation? Finalists are judged by industry professionals, casting directors, managers, peers, family, friends, and our virtual arts community! Will it be you? We are searching for qualified and talented individuals who are passionate about performing in live entertainment and have a flexible schedule and part time availability. Multiple positions available! Experience working with kids or working in childrens entertainment is not required but recommended.

Model casting houston are a dinosaur themed entertainment group based in Houston that provides dinosaur character entertainment and activities for parties, public events, schools and more. This is a lighthearted and fun service entertaining kids and their parents! This is good fun for all ages! We deliver a valueable experience that is both entertaining and educational and the work is always very rewarding. us as we put smiles on faces all across Houston and beyond! Extra points for providing links to any content reflecting your talents, skills and experience relevant to these positions.

The project is a proof-of-concept scene shooting a half-day on Saturday, August 7th. The scene will primarily be used for pitching materials and crowdfunding, and will be sent to casted talent upon final cut completion in late August. Paradise Hills, Southeast San Diego, In this proof-of-concept scene, Ly sneaks upstairs into the bedroom of her aunt and uncle.

Seeking a voice actor to narrate a book. Paid Role. Accepting audio file auditions. Estimated 4 hours of recording. Did you have a good night sleep? It was a man reading a newspaper while drinking a cup of coffee. Why are you suddenly acting like that? It was a l0vely morning todayThen her cousins got down and shares a meal together.

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Your uncle will be the one to drive you to your school. So just like that thelea and her cousins had a sumptuous meal. Be good and strong all right? Thelea also receives one on his cheeks. Then she and his father got into the car. She then waves goodbye to her mother! Estimated 8 hours of recording. A young man, torn between two women, struggles to find his way in the world in Michael D. Charlie Winters is used to just getting by while living with his single mother and working a dead-end job.

Soon Charlie finds himself immersed in a destructive relationship with an older woman who still fails to fill the void within him. But then he meets Jennifer, whose energy and life convinces Charlie to pursue her—even through the darkest corners of Model casting houston Angeles. But a sudden illness quickly pulls them both back to LA. It is there, amid the sex, drugs, and split-second decisions that pulse through the city, that tragedy strikes—threatening to tear Charlie and Jennifer apart forever.

Seeking a voice actress to narrate a book. Estimated 13 hours of recording. A contemporary western, it's a story of never giving up and battling to regain your strength and life.

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We offer schedules that are flexible with no minimum show commitment. That means you can choose which shows you work. We are looking for actors who have both scripted and improvisation skills. Our experts will provide support, guidance and introductions to amazing potential partners. Casting is open to all gender identities and sexual orientations! Must be 21 years of age or older and a legal US Resident.

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We are shooting a sizzle reel for the feature-length musical, The Vaudevillian, to be used to acquire funding. This is a sizzle reel to be used to secure financing. A chance encounter with an enthusiastic young actress draws her into an open audition of the play she wrote and made famous in her prime.

But all is not as it appears. Film will stream on platforms and video on demand. It's history-making, as it makes the group a part of the first-ever group of young people to be nominated for a JUNO award in the Children's Category for Album of the Year. The group is a multi-ethnicity, inclusive group. We have online shows planned every two months throughout when COVID restrictions are in place, and will live shows as soon as it is safe to do so. We are currently casting teams including couples, spouses, siblings, cousins and other family members who are searching for their biological parents for season 9 of an award-winning and hit competition series.

Along the way they are reunited with biological family members they have never met. This is a family reunification show. Please only apply if you are truly looking for your biological parents. I will need assistance from competent and talented actors to help me in the process of making my short film. Titled "Invaded Culture". The most demanding parts will be that of the female and one of the side male characters.

The 1st scene will require a quick kissing scene between the side and the female. And the 2nd scene will require the female to be pushed down onto the grass or cushion. If cast you will be provided with a detailed description of your character along with all the others so you can better understand the world of the film.

This will not be a paid gig, but food and drinks will be provided every day on set. His Professor was hired by the FBI to write this book in order to brainwash the public. The professor forgot about the book and is getting his students to write it for him before the deadline he was given by the FBI.

He will be denied entry and given a second chance. George's plan to turn the tables and come up with a great story will be to sabotage the surprise birthday party of his friend who is abusive to his wife. The result of his plan will go wrong in every way possible that'll for sure help his professor Model casting houston an interesting book. SpiedLifethe Italian web reality is looking for families and c ouples who live in any country in the world, interested in earning money, increasing their fame, and opening up to new international job opportunities. Those who take part in SpiedLife, can keep their jobs and social relationships, can enter and leave the Live rooms or invite their guests without any restrictions, except for explicit sex Model casting houston, violence, and other illegal content that is not allowed.

People who want to showcase their real beauty, allowing them to become a role model for others around the world. By becoming a contestant, we will highlight your unique personality on our website, social media and TV series for the world to be inspired. Casting Calls Houston. Project: Sailing Cerebral. A 3-month commitment is required. Job: TV Series. Sailing Cerebral-Cast member.

Model casting houston

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