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Nerang has much to offer in the way of affordable housing, shopping options, schooling, parks and transport. It is a great place to live right bang smack in the middle of the Gold Coast. There is a lot of young families in the area and first home buyers so the overall appearance is on the up which is great. We love being able to just walk down to the massive off leash dog park and let the pups have a good play. To be honest we have met al least 40 people just going down the the park and we still remain close friends Cinemas and shops are just 5min up the road, we are 15min to beach which is great too!!!!!

We even have a school at the bottom of our street. I am very happy we choose to live in Nerang rather than moving all the way up to Coomera. I hated every moment of my time in Nerang, utter dive. Will never be back and reading the positive reviews on here I think they were written by real estate agents because they don't align with reality.

I have lived in Nerang for 10 years. The parklands and mountain backdrops are stunning Easy access to the motorway and hinterland Overall a reall nice place to live. Would never live in Nerang again, has a very bad vibe and there is so much crime. Ive lived Nerang gold coast Nerang for over 10 years and never had a problem. The vibe is awesome and the people are good. Worst place I ever lived hands down. Just a real bogan paradise.

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Wouldn't even visit here let alone live again. Thats funny, the whole Gold Coast is full of bogans, its just how it is! Nerang is like any other coast suburb and has lower crime than most. Our family has been here for about 1 year. Kids are adults but continuing their studies. Not safe for children, especially females, to come and go unless someone is with them. At night time, forget going out. Kids getting Nerang gold coast and mugged for their shoes at nerang train station.

The constant cacking of harley davidson motorcycles up and down the street from 6am to 9pm daily sets the scene. Speeding cars, skidding tyres and hoons driving the streets on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights make the place feel like a ghetto.

Kerbside drug deals on the back streets down near bunnings are a bonus if you are a local drug dealer. Tanktop and thongs essential wearing to the local shopping centre. I think you are confused mate, that is the whole of SEQ you are describing! Nerang is an outer suburb on the wrong side of the motor way. A lot of housing commission and town house complexes.

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However there are some hidden jem properties in nice quiet green streets. Especially those rare properties on the river. Also Nerang may be a good investment, with the Gold Coast expanding rapidly up north with the likes of Coomera and pimpama, Nerang will be a more desired closer suburb.

Looking at buying in Nerang. Is the Nerang Poultry place an issue with smell around Kamholez family park? We live in a cul de sac running Nerang gold coast to the forest. It is quiet with abundant birdlife, green and spectacular views and we love living here. The farmers markets, cinema, library and many shopping precincts are easily accessible, and 20 minutes to the beach, major restaurants, major shops and movie theatres. It is close to the motorway so access to anywhere is quick. What could be better? Weekends are filled with saws and drill noises, everyone seems to be working on their houses.

They are really starting to improve all the daggy old houses near the PCYC. Lived in Nerang for a long time,, bought a unit in a complex worst thing ever with other owners and body corp also and the water rates unreal. Rubbish, it is not the ghetto of the coast whatsoever.

Its worse in Hope Island and Benowa waters for theft etc. When I left I had already known of Nerang gold coast people in 5 years who lived there who had issues with people and ended up "missing" and I could point out each house and if they were manufacturing ice, guns or growing. Having a some junkie come up to you trying to follow you through bush and forest was never fun. I still have a lot of contacts that still live right in the same place, and nothing has changed. Just more raids and the ice turf war. Where the tram station is, before it was there I got stabbed, not enough to do any real damage but it was still quite an experience.

How things work up in the hills will never change. It always was a shithole but I loved every moment growing up there. From cars being burnt and almost setting the whole forest on fire to streets locked down and polair flying about looking for pot farms.

Having moved from Sydney in to the Gold Coast for a lifestyle change we settled on the Isle of Capri. Everything here is right on your doorstep or only a quarter of an hours drive away yet you can feel a world away with the serenity of the place. In our street, you never here the saying " Remember the good old days" because in our street it seems they never went.

We could easily live here for many years to come. Moving from Sydney to Qld was not difficult and it didn't take my daughter long to pack her room ready for the move. I moved and rented to Qld for 12 months for work and when looking to purchase property I was informed by a few people not to buy in Nerang. But due to finance's and my criteria of what i was looking for Nerang turned out to be the best asset ever. I live in a cul Nerang gold coast sac where all the neighbours are friendly and supportive.

It normally takes you a good 20 minutes to walk out of the street because someone see's you walking the dog and come out to say hello and see how you are doing. Now that my daughter has left home i had decided to sell up and move to a smaller property but after looking around for 2 weeks i couldn't get the same wow factor and same ideal situation of living in a cul de sac.

I turned down a high price for my property becasue i have decided to stay all due to the neighbours, closeness to all the factilities and start enjoying the renovations that i have nearly completed.

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My daughter was very happy about not selling the house due to the fact she has decided that she would like to move back because her new job is walking distance from home. The older area of Nerang is becoming a mix of older couples who are friendly and welcoming and younger families who are spending money to renovate and bring up the quality of the housing. What a great mix!

A lovely area with jobs, infrastructure, transport, and great parks which is shaking off its tag of daggy and underprivileged. Australian Property Investor Magazine even chose Nerang as a high growth area full of potential. My husband and I lived in Nerang for 8 years now and we love it. I work here, live here and if we had KMart I would shop here too. Nerang is rebuilding its reputation of a nice and affordable place to live. Our house backs right on Nerang river and we get lots of birds and wildlife which we love.

Nerang is central and quite large, it has a house commission area but it has beautiful mansions on acreage as well, so its quite diverse in the choice of accommodation. Once you'll live here you'll love it too. I recently visited this little known Street close to Nerang Town Centre, Oak Street, To my surprise it contains very large homes on acerage.

The Street has a lovely presence, Nerang gold coast there is gardens everywhere. The area is very private, as only the residents appear to use the Street. It is so close to Supermarkets, you can walk to the Cinemas. Post Office, Library. Bus stop at the end of the Street, and easy access to Medical Centres and the M1. I was so taken with the fact that there were such lovely large homes on acerage, not that all the houses are visible from the road, so close to a Shopping Precinct.

The only down side was turning from Beaudesert Road into the Street with it being so close to Traffic Lights. Much easier to go the next street, turn in and come back along Beaudesert Road, depending on the traffic at the time. Oak Street is full of lovely large homes on acerage, the area is very clean and friendly.

Many of the properties cannot be seen from the Street but present as exceptional. It is a little hidden area as it is not well known that it is an acerage area, as it is so close to the Township. I could not believe that these very large, well presented homes existed in this area, it is truely a hidden jewell.

Very little traffic enters the Street with the exception of the occupants. The only negative I could find when I visited was when turning in from Beaudesert Road, and traffic was approaching from the lights. Just a lovely, lovely Street. I have recently moved here as a renter - into a townhouse on nerang road. Nerang gold coast suburb has a great infrastructure - I'm close to shops, cinema, transport and parks. I love visiting the local markets on the weekend and going for a walk by the river in the afternoon. I cant believe how cheap the townhouses are around here, I plan to buy soon.

Can anyone tell me anything about the complex "River Springs Country Club"? Many thanks. What is the local state school like in Nerang? And also what are the daycare centres like? Is the Nerang Poultry place an issue with smell?

Nerang gold coast

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