Nsa car play in Delmont South Dakota

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Cost ap- prox 25 cents per gal. Will put out on shares this fall. Call WY 6- 59H7 before Alvin DeHaal, Stickney. CH White Lake.

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Must be registered. Arlen Erck, Delmont, 8. Three years or older. Jacob Wolbrink, Jr. Stick ney. Ted Decker.

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Give age and price. Frank Kelty, Plankinton, So. Dicus Motor Co. Full power plus other rxt. Immediate possess i o n. I trucks. Automobile Bankers of S. Good location. Call Jirsa Trading ID. WY Cheap for quick sale Porter's Warehouse. Also rent electric er. Automobile Bankers" of"s! Write Box care of Daily Republic. Phone Blunt. Phone WY Wired for Call Trailers WY Wanted to Rent or Buy 79 Falls.

F ,er fmnn cabinet. American School. Herb Radel. Park- Hurry. Mil-' 2 OR J. Call i c "ft"school write for 'free''bo'o'klVt. FIFT Y cents. Laying 10 months 75 per cent production. Need room to re- mcdel building. Hatching year around. Free diagnostic and planning service. Simpson Hatchery Co. Nutrena famous chick starter, Hygeno litter, brooder house disinfectant, chick feeders and fountains, more ite m s.

Salsbury's new emulai- fied cholera bacterin on your pullets before they come into pro- ductton. Mitchell, So. Now f A nice clean car. Iseman Corporation. Write Box care Daily Furniture air condlfdoiunpt and refrigeration ston. South Dakota. Service on all t-n.

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Alton Wuertzer. See the other 9 beauty models on display at the. Ill East 3rd. SEE A. Must sell, priced right. Ivan R. Lake Andes, Phone Western Building WY We have Ventura Mo-i We havs cash buyers for well bile homes. The home of quality.

Parts and accessories. Parkview Trail- located, one story homes in good condition. No listing fee. WY ! Sun kitchen, air conditioner and finished porch. Nice and never been moved.

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Doug Deffenbauch, Parkston. See this outstanding bargain right now. PY Open Sundays p. Lights and water. Contact George Hone. Letcher, S. A three bedroom house. Violet Hoftiezer, Vivian, So. Newly ment. Dakota Salvage.

See Olson Ritzman. Auto Service decorated and wiring. Good loca- M tion. Quick sale. East side. Here's true heating comfort for your home whether you use gafl. All thn heat Is diffused along the outside wall where you need it. You get a more uniform temperature from floor to ceiling, all around the room.

Cold drafts coming from the outside walls and windows are eliminated.

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Call John McNary for free estimates on your furnace and heating needs and installation requirements. Modern Stationers. Service all manes. Typewriter Exchange SO? Main Mitchell Hides, Etc. PODY Duff, phone 7 south. Edgar Bitterman. Leader Hardware.

Nsa car play in Delmont South Dakota

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