Places to hook up in kuala lumpur

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Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia, as well as the largest city. It has a population of over seven million if you count the metropolitan area too. I would say there are at least a million single Kuala Lumpur girls out there. Other than that, it is known for having some of the least expensive five star hotels in the world. Kuala Lumpur is known for plenty of natural wonders in its surroundings, amazing shopping areas, great food and lots of dynamics.

Lots of expats move there to work or do business, not to mention more and more tourists. And if there are tourists hanging around, I assure you there are lots of Malaysian girls looking for exotic hookups too. Trying to meet girls in Kuala Lumpur is not all about walking down the street and getting approached by dozens of girls. But then, if you follow a few simple rules, chances are you will get lots of hookups as well. How to pick up girls in Kuala Lumpur Picking up girls in Kuala Lumpur is about knowing who to talk to and how far you can go.

I would say this is a matter of experience. When compared to other Asian countries, Malaysia is a bit conservative. In other words, if you see a beautiful girl with a veil on, she is probably a traditional Muslim and she is impossible to pick up. She may consider dating you if you are a traditional Muslim too, but this is it. The same rule applies if you go on a beach — you see a girl in shorts and a T shirt, she is probably too conservative.

So, who can you go talk to? The most westernized she seems, the easier the target becomes.

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If you meet her in a nightclub, she is probably not too conservative. If you are on a beach, the more skin she shows, the better. Basically, it is just common sense. Malaysia is a bit more difficult than other Asian countries because it is illegal for foreigners to have sex with Muslim local girls before marriage. In other words, it is against the law to hook up with the majority of women.

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Does that mean you cannot meet girls in Kuala Lumpur? Does it mean you cannot get laid? It just means you have to be discreet and go for the right girls. Practically, you are supposed to go out on a few dates before kissing and you may not get laid before marriage. Conservative girls date with one purpose — marriage.

Then, you will also find girls who are not that religious and will love a casual hookup, yet they will not take you to their families. They will just have some fun with you. There is also the independent category — women with jobs and independent lives who do not live with their parents.

Like I said, the dating game is conservative with most women, but it depends where you find her. She is not too religious if you meet in a nightclub.

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She may also do whatever she wants if she is independent and not living with her parents. You will choose the place go somewhere fancy and plan everything upfront. Regarding the place, choose a special bar or restaurant — that one of the kind venue that every big city has. Let me make it clear — do not ask a girl for a date straight away. Get herthen exchange texts for a couple of days before asking her out.

She does not like to go in blindly, but she wants to know a bit about you. Other than that, girls expect you to pay for what you do. It is common sense — you ask her out, you pay for it. Regardless of how fancy the place is, it will not drain you. Do take the date over and guide the girl in the right direction. Sit next to her, but keep cool.

Show her how special she is and get to ask about her life. Do not make fun of her country or culture. Do not talk bad of anything related to Malaysia or Asianseven if you do not have bad intentions. She is allowed to do it, but you are not. Also, no touching or kissing attempts, unless she gives you some obvious s. What do Kuala Lumpur girls think of expat dating?

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Girls in Kuala Lumpur are split in two. Some of them are raised to believe that foreigners come to their country to get cheap sex. Some others are less traditional and will find foreigners extremely exotic, so they will want to hook up. There are more reasons wherefore they want to hook up — you look exotic, you could take them abroad and show them a better life, you have money and so on. If you are after sex, it is alright to spend a little.

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If you want a proper relationship, I recommend one of those independent women who can look after themselves without being needy. Generally speaking, if you walk down the road holding hands with a Malaysian girl in a non touristic place, she will be judged. People will think she is after your money or a better life abroad. Therefore, expect to get some weird looks and people staring at you. It is not so common in the touristy areas of Kuala Lumpur or the city center though, as well as areas frequented by expats.

How to get laid in Kuala Lumpur as a foreigner If you want to know the easiest way to meet girls in Kuala Lumpur and get laid within minutesthere are hookers, prostitutes and massage parlors all over the place. Do not get me wrong — it will not cost you much. Then, you can get laid for free if you use this popular Malaysian dating app. Finally, you have a more serious alternative — traditional dating, which will take more time, but will give you a meaningful relationship if you are after one.

Where to meet girls in Kuala Lumpur? You can meet girls in Kuala Lumpur pretty much everywhere. There is a bigger selection of women during the day, but many of them are conservative, so you will have to dig deeper. I find it a bit easier at night because conservative girls do not really go out clubbing and drinking. Plus, most girls will not go out in a club without their partners, so you can easily spot the singles. The selection is smaller, but the concentration of single relaxed girls is higher.

Every now and then, it is fun going out during the day and getting to talk to some girls. The average Malaysian babe is conservative and will not respond to your approach, so get ready to face rejection. Places to hook up in kuala lumpur in mind that these girls are usually virgin and more likely to get together with a conservative Muslim man. My opinion? Cross this type off your list unless you spot the most beautiful woman you have ever seen in your life. Focus on Malaysian babes who dress like westerners or girls from nearby countries, like Thailand or China.

In other words, Bukit Bintang is the primary location to get hookups during the day. There will be lots of westernized Malaysians and tourists hanging around for a coffee, a few drinks or a meal. Shopping areas are also a bit easy, but it depends. You will find many conservative girls too. Plus, you do not want to be seen going around the same shops over and over again or you will look like a perv. Just take a walk around, then settle for a coffee. Conservative girls do not go out to party or drink, so you only gain access to the loose and relaxed babes.

There is one more thing to pay attention to — make sure they are single.

Places to hook up in kuala lumpur

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