Pole dancer dating site

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Monday was Boyfriend Appreciation Day, did you celebrate? No, we want intense, scream-out-loud, eyes-watering massage that works out the MANY knots we get pole dancing. Stripper heels are your go-to present for birthdays, holidays, and when you messed up. Just remember there is no such thing as too many heels for a pole dancer! Just accept it now, your schedule will not be your own if you want to date a pole dancer.

Your weekends are about to be filled with competitions, performances, rehearsals, assisting with costume and prop creation, music selection sessions, driving to and from events, and the list goes on. That means your pole dancer trusts you enough to assist with the all important stretching portion of her practice.

If you are dating Pole dancer dating site pole dancer, you WILL be surrounded by tons of other sexy pole dancers. There are perfectly awesome times to stare, like when they are performing. Learn the difference. Tip: if you are walking into a studio or a pole dancer specific area i. It is easier than fighting it. Glitter will be a constant in your relationship, learn to love it. All of our extra spending money goes to pole so if you are hoping to save up for a trip the destination better have pole studio.

The object, of course, being a metal pole. You better not be clingy in relationships because your pole dancer partner has a full schedule of classes and planning date night is going to be tricky. You can be as open minded as they come but most people have some internalized judgment towards strippers and therefore pole dancers. Your job as a partner of a pole dancer is to support the poler and either educate your friends and family or tell them to back off.

Recognize what prejudices you might have and correct them. Your pole dancing partner will be half naked, they will be dancing in front of others, and possibly grinding up on another poler. You are wrong. Jillian is an avid pole dance student and instructor, accessories and costume deer, rhinestone aficionado, and a PDBloggers Executive Committee Member. She also writes at PoleGeekBlog.

And my family will disown me. Learn How to Give Massages. Learn their Stripper Shoe Preferences. Know Pole dancer dating site Your Schedule is Now Filled. Accept the Glitter. Know Where the Cash is Going. Prepare to Share your Relationship with an Object. Leave Your Judgments at the Door. And Your Jealousy Too. What dating tips do you want potential partners of pole dancers to know? Share below!

Pole dancer dating site

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