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Yet the former Labor MP channels this anger to a place of superhuman positivity. The question was posed to the then year-old Ellis just after she arrived in Canberra in by a man who was the at the time a Liberal staffer, but who then went on to become a senior MP. He interrupted her mid-conversation at the pub.

I had never spoken to him before and subsequently tried to limit our interactions over the next decade. With the wild tide of revelations that have been relentlessly coming at us like a set of breakers in the last few weeks, all this is unremarkable no more. Of course we will never know — but we should do all we can to stop this behaviour now. Sex, Lies and Question Time surveys some familiar ground through the big picture gender inequality lens — looking back at the history of women in politics, the ongoing focus on female appearance and family status, the online abuse, the public slut-shaming that saw court cases upend the lives of Sarah Hanson-Young and Emma Husar.

Ellis interviews a of her former fellow parliamentarians who are frank and generous — Julia Gillard, Tanya Plibersek, Penny Wong, Linda Burney, Julie Bishop, Sussan Ley, Sarah Hanson-Young, Pauline Hanson — and there are stories that could be from any of workplaces: of men talking over women in meetings, of men repeating the ideas that female colleagues came up with and being congratulated for them, deals done and influence piqued in the pub after hours or at networking golf games, the double standards that see men characterised as fiery and passionate and women framed as irrational.

But there are other incremental insults: Sex Dating Ellis being told by a Labor party elder to go to a particular hairdresser in Adelaide that catered to conservative older ladies to have her long hair cut short, and that she should wear glasses despite having perfect vision. It was a rumour that would become widespread and persist on and off for most of the next decade.

Rumours followed, she says, about alleged sexual liaisons with other MPs, ministers, countless staff members, and, when she was sport minister, sporting Sex Dating Ellis. While writing her book after leaving parliament, she discovered even more rumours about her allegedly very busy sex life from the women she interviewed. But none of this is really about facts.

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Despite instant denials by Hanson that they were not of her, the untrue story remain published for six days and was amplified around the world. She was, according to the story, sleeping with an adviser and so too was her chief of staff. The story went that the two women had put an ultimatum to the man to choose one of them and immediately end things with the other. In that moment I believed with every ounce of my being that my credibility would never survive this story being printed … It would be career ending. I continue to believe that today. Ellis then finds herself in the situation of having staffers and colleagues trying to find Sex Dating Ellis better story to give the papers so they would drop the untrue one about her.

The ultimate insult? I would put up with ten times as much shit if I had to.

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Sex Dating Ellis

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Sex, Lies and Question Time by Kate Ellis review – an insider of 'sleaze and innuendo' in Canberra