Signs of controlling boyfriend quiz

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Home Domestic violence Test: Do you have a controlling partner? Test: Do you have a controlling partner? To evaluate whether your partner is controlling, we invite you to take the following test. Control through criticism My partner makes me feel like I always do everything wrong. Nothing is ever good enough in his opinion. He never encourages me. Living with my partner is very stressful because I never know what will make him angry. He gives me the silent treatment, and I have to figure out what I did wrong and apologise.

He gets depressed and I have to work really hard to raise his morale. He chooses my clothes because he likes my appearance to be above reproach. He gets angry in public and during family gatherings, and when I confront him about it, he accuses me of exaggerating or making it all up. He seems to be very interested in my emotional life and tries to convince me I need to see a psychiatrist. He tells me I spend my time imagining problems. He hits me, and then later, asks me how I hurt myself.

He tells me he can help me correct my faults. Or he promises to do so and then forgets. When I try to talk to him, he constantly interrupts me, distorts what I say or forgets what I just told him. When I try to discuss a problem with him, he immediately changes the subject. He shows up at my place without warning whenever he feels like it, or he never keeps our engagements, which keeps me from doing many things. Control through unilateral decisions My partner always has to have the final word. He tells me some things are simply not negotiable.

My partner tells me I already have enough to do without having to worry about money matters. I have to justify every penny I spend and make things do to balance my budget. He spends his money on whatever he wants. He refuses to give me an allowance for household expenses and I have to ask him for it every time. He tells me that with everything he does for me, I should be happy to let him live the way he wants. He takes money from my wallet or steals things from me and sells them.

We always end up talking about my personality. Control through restriction of your contacts with others When I want to go out, my partner starts an argument with me. When I come home, he gives me the first degree to find out everything that happened.

He accuses me of having lovers. He made me late for work so often that I ended up losing my job. When I spend time with my girlfriends, he accuses me of being a lesbian. He throws and breaks things in the house. He destroys my favourite clothes and things. He refuses to leave when I ask him to do so. He keeps me from sleeping. Control through sexual humiliation My partner insists on performing sex acts with me that make me feel uncomfortable. He tells sex jokes about me in front of the kids and other people. He makes fun of my body. He tries to seduce my girlfriends and members of my family.

He forces me to wear clothing Signs of controlling boyfriend quiz he finds sexy but that embarrass me. He compares me to women we see in magazines and porn films. He tells vulgar jokes that I feel are degrading to me and to women in general. Control through physical and sexual violence My partner throws things at me. He bashes my head against the wall. He tries to strangle me.

He kicks me. He shoves and pushes me. He hits me. He forces me to have sex with others. He rapes me. Signs of controlling boyfriend quiz threatens me with weapons. He hurts me and then stops me from going to the hospital or the doctor.

Signs of controlling boyfriend quiz

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