Songs for that special someone

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Selena Quintanilla-Perez: A legacy that lives on. Dear You is a letter written from the heart. Love is a beautiful thing but looking for love is not easy. Everyone has something that they look for in a person. Loving someone endlessly is something to be proud off. Any song written and sung by Mr. Such a strong and beautiful voice make the lyrics to Rhythm in My Soul powerful and meaningful. Whether single or in a relationship, anyone can relate to this song.

The basic feelings of loving, being loved, and being scared throughout the process are in the whole song. Rhythm in My Soul is the song to listen to on February 14th. Selling over 6 million downlo and 9. All the good feelings of love, the memories and happiness are told in this melody. When people fall in love, the object of their affection is usually the only thing in their minds.

I Want Crazy by Hunter Hayes portrays that feeling beautifully. The song talks about wanting a love that sweeps you off your feet, the kind of love no one understands but you two. Relationships can sometimes become forced and scheduled, this song says why it must be spontaneous and effortless.

It describes committing to someone special. This song is a favorite love song because one can connect to it personally and emotionally. Emotionally because a special person deserves the kind of relationship everyone would love to have. This is a special dedication song, because it will make your loved one feel unique. When someone loves another person they start to depend on them.

They think and talk about them every day, all the time. Knowing that the person one loves makes one feel like the luckiest, happiest person of all. That special person becomes the most beautiful person of all. Every girl in the world wants to feel special. Girls want someone to make them feel unique, they wait to feel like the most beautiful girl in the world.

Just the way a person is, is the perfect sentiment when someone loves you. It is a very heartwarming song and speaks about how a man feels for his wife and how much he really needs her, as well as how she has helped him become a better person. He describes her personality Songs for that special someone totally off balance, yet everything she does is just perfect. Finding someone that has every quality that you want does not happen very often so this song captures that feeling of being completely drawn to someone.

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This is a song to show someone that simplicity can say a lot. They can have a traditional old school relationship and be happy. Christina Perri has such an angelic voice and with this song in particular it gives her voice more depth. A Thousand Years is a favorite because it has such power in the lyrics and what they convey to the listener. This song is a good dedication to someone special because it shows love for them.

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Songs for that special someone

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