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This is a stark contrast to mainstream porn representations of squirting, which is almost consistently represented like a sprinkler system and is very often faked using douches and overhydration. With more knowledge about squirting—what it is, how it happens, and the sensations and physical expectations that one can have about it—a person can learn to use it to compliment an orgasm, creating a new and exciting sensation.

No…and yes. Ejaculate is a white, milky substance that looks similar to semen and in addition to Squirt sex site, it has high levels of fructose, which serve as an energy source for sperm. The G-spot is a soft, spongy gathering of tissue on the innermost roof of the vaginal canal. That having been said, with practice and education, the sensation felt when a person squirts, similar to the relief of having a pee after a long car trip, can be an excellent complement to sexual pleasure, orgasm or not.

If you or your partner are curious about trying squirting, you should know that it looks different for everybody. Just like an orgasm, trying to squirt for the first time is next to impossible under pressure. Look, I really hate recommending free porn tube sites. This MindGeek tube site has a very un-sexy reputation for shifting the responsibility of regulating stolen or problematic content onto creators and a convoluted system for ensuring the removal of any copyrighted content. Despite these practices, being owned by the largest adult entertainment conglomerate means that many performers find it more beneficial to work directly with PornHub as verified users.

The site itself is easy enough to navigate, but be prepared: premium or not, finding something you enjoy may take some time, and I recommend trying variations in your search. Brazzers is a typical snapshot of our social idea of porn, mostly in reference to its far removal from what squirting and sex look like in the real world. The MindGeek-owned peddler of gonzo-style porn is well aware of its own cliches, and includes plenty of meta jokes about flimsy plotlines and classic tropes.

As performers, advocates, and major porn news sites like AVN begin to shift their interaction with racial stereotypes and fetishizations, so too could Brazzers make a modern shift in its categorical handling of racial representation. If you like heavily produced porn with some suspension of disbelief sprinkled on top, Brazzers may be your destination for squirting porn. If you do decide to give Brazzers your dollar, consider steering away from that turn identities into a fetish, or take a moment to shoot a tweet out encouraging the company to reassess how they handle some of the more problematic corners of the site.

As one of the longest-standing names in the porn business, Reality Kings made a name for itself in curating MILF content. Since its founding inthe site has collected a massive library with some pretty randomly-themedincluding everything from boats to performers in uniform. The site is almost a twin-sister site to Brazzers, with a very similar build and search system, and likewise has a pretty intuitive system, although Reality Kings charges extra for downlo.

AdultTime is on its way to becoming a household name in porn. The site also features original binge-worthy content, like the docu-series How Women Orgasm, an intimate portrayal of popular stars illustrating how they pleasure themselves. While the site includes original content that is body inclusive, like Shape of Beauty, and gender inclusive, like Transfixed, these series are separate from the sites specifically girl-centric content, which sometimes has the effect of othering the gender and body-diverse experience.

The site offers a lot in the field of representation, but could move forward into the future with more inclusion much like the porn industry as a whole. Regardless of what new technology the online porn scene is buzzing about today, chances are Naughty America has a finger in it. Membership to the site includes both standard and VR scenes, and premium users can download scenes as well. The site is ing new content daily, giving users thousands of scenes to choose from.

The site falls in line with so much mainstream porn in the exclusion of body diversity and problematic category topics, but generally Naughty America favors its own series: original genre productions like Mrs. Creampie or 2 Chicks Same Time. In the vein of highly-staged sex on camera, this might be the choice for the technophiles out there.

Her series XConfessions collects short films that are chosen from anonymous submissions of sexual confessions. The series is worthy of being watched in a theater setting; the chemistry radiating from the actors combines with detailed shots and actual confessions are better with surround sound and your favorite theater snacks.

Other directors whose works are also featured on the site make films that are just as skillfully shot and performed. The films often including actors of different age-ranges, trans and nonbinary pleasure, and content made by and for the empowerment of people of color.

Membership gets you access to individual short films, but purchasing the full volume collections allows you access to some films whose releases are otherwise staggered. If you and a partner are looking for a more sensual watch in the spirit of togetherness, look no further than Couples Cinema. This beautifully curated collection of films from some of Squirt sex site most visually-engaging film makers is specifically made for bringing you and yours oh-so-much-closer. The site is simple enough to navigate and starts off at a very reasonably-priced monthly subscription, you can choose from the sites given content or you can unlock more films from quality purveyors of well-intentioned, body and gender inclusive smut like JoyBear, Foxhouse Films, Verso Cinema, and more.

Couples Cinema is a perfect option if you want a variety of content without the trouble of sifting through for quality. Vixen films are all about folding you into the fantasy. Featuring the most exotic locations and dreamy escapist narratives in 4K, the site caters to those who want to get away AND get off. This nude-beach vacation house of porn only seems to feature, you guessed it, thin and conventionally-attractive cis-gendered performers, limiting the reality of the squirt-experience for viewers.

Squirting has a powerful role in the BDSM scene; often associated with both orgasm denial and consensually-forced overstimulation, two practices that can be utilized in training yourself or a partner to get flowing. If your desire to be drenched has a darker, kinkier undertone, Deeper might be the choice for you. Films are categorized by genre, but specific searches are available,too. The variation in content, genders, and bodies shown on PinkLabelTV is virtually endless: these are real-ass people having real-ass sex, and that sex includes real representations of ejaculation.

In terms of educational material about squirting, this site has the most impressive range of options. Okay, grrrldo you have a small fan nearby? The site features a diverse display of subject matter focused around vulva pleasure and intimacy. Sssh also offers educational series including multi-episodes on the G-spot taught by Dr. Michael Perry, one of the doctors who helped bring G-spot research to the public eye in the early 80s. The film series is a lates vintage and provides a comprehensive understanding Squirt sex site human anatomy combined with steamy scenes illustrating the principles of the lesson.

In addition to beautiful and original video content, you can find written content discussing the topic of squirting which has been contributed by both experts and readers. The offerings at Sssh are fanciful, a little cis-normative, and could stand for more body diversity, but still highly imaginative and enjoyable. ManyVids hosts videos and content made by the performers themselves. Since the site was founded by a sex worker, it holds itself to a higher standard than most mainstream tube sites, actually screening for pirated content. This leaves you free to browse its breadth of group sex videos with a light conscience.

ManyVids performers range in diversity due to its user-submitted content, and Squirt sex site videos often strike a beautiful balance between professional skill by performers and amateur reality vibes. ManyVids is also much tidier and easier to navigate than, say, PornHub or other porn sites hosting user-submitted videos. Remember to relax and ride the wave with love for yourself and love for the human body. Danni Danger is a freelance writer and on-screen personality in Austin, Texas. Formerly a YouTube personality, they specializes in producing video and written content meant to entertain, educate, and make even sailors blush.

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