Thailand largest buddha statue

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A predominantly Buddhist nation, it is little surprise to find that Thailand has thousands of Buddhist temples and even more statues of the Lord Buddha in various postures.

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Thailand largest buddha statue are some of the most beautiful Buddha statues around the country. Many tourists come to ogle the famous statue, and many Thais come to pray and show their respects. Seated on a raised platform and measuring around 66 centimetres in height, the statue is made from green jade.

It is wrapped in a golden cloth, and the Thai King is the only person permitted to touch the statue to change the cloth. Discovered in the s in Northern Thailand, it was moved between several Thai and Laotian temples before finally arriving at its present location in the s. Many Thai people see the statue as the most beautiful Buddha statue in the whole of Thailand.

This pose is representative of the time that the Lord Buddha reached enlightenment. Seen from far and wide, the striking statue is 92 metres tall and 63 metres wide. Sitting high in the Nakkerd Hills, the pale statue seems to radiate in the sunshine. The seated statue is made from concrete and adorned with Burmese jade marble. Built in the s, the long statue stretches for more than 45 metres.

It is the biggest Buddha statue in the world to be made from solid gold. The statue has a long and interesting historyand it was disguised for Thailand largest buddha statue years. The statue is thought to date back to the Sukhothai periodbut its true identity only became known in the mids.

Located in Phetchabun province, it is a centre for meditation. The glorious colourful temple is one of the most stunning in the countryand the dazzling white five-Buddha statue stands spectacularly against the green hilly background. The elevated position means that clouds often hang close to the statue, giving it even more of an ethereal air. Sitting cross-legged amid lotus petals, the five Buddha images decrease in height. The biggest has a golden head decoration and other golden details, while the others are mostly pure white.

Phra Achana is one of the most beautiful Buddha statues in the ancient city of Sukhothai. Part of what makes the statue so visually appealing is its setting; it is housed within a large and now-roofless hall, with the statue partially visible through a tall and slender opening. The long fingers have been coated in gold leaf for good luck. It is a fairly modern temple that has traditional Lanna-style architecture and details. It boasts an attractive reclining statue of the Lord Buddha that is rather different to others found across the country.

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