The 180 rule relationships

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This list was called The It created a complete degree rotation in actions and attitude. The betrayed partner is no longer a weeping sack of sorrow. Suddenly, they appear strong, happy, independent, and quite capable of making it on their own. I have taken this idea and adapted it exclusively for males when they are at a point in a relationship when it is not working, they need help in relationships.

There may not be betrayal involved but there is hurt, criticism and accusation. In this situation it is important for men to be present and strong in themselves. It is important for men to The 180 rule relationships back from either hurting or being hurt. If anything is going to come out of the trouble in the relationship then it is critical that the man is the central strong power. The woman can whirl around him, and should be able to. Several years ago a concept was introduced to the world of infidelity that is deed to help partners move forward in the healing of a relationship.

It is not deed to make you look good or your partner bad. It is a means of protection for the betrayed. It helps the betrayed to face their new world with dignity and bravery. It was suggested that any new betrayed partner implement these behaviours. They weren't deed to make either side look good or bad. They were a means of protection for the betrayed.

They helped the betrayed to face their new world with dignity and bravery, they appear stronger to the wayward partner. It's about healing a relationship.

The 180 rule relationships

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