Things men love

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By: Author Rachel. I know! Who would think that your healthy diet could be so attractive? However, guys like to see that the woman can take care of her health. That would automatically mean that being with her makes his life healthier as well. On top of that, on a subconscious level, a healthy woman increases the chances for healthier and happier children — which is always important, right?

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you up or make a purchase I might get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting my business. See full disclosure. To go out to a restaurant with a girl that needs half an hour to pick the meal she wants to eat just because everything has too much fat or will make her waist wider by 0. So being with a girl that could sit at dinner time and eat with obvious pleasureenjoying the meal and the company, is precious and appealing. Looking for aphrodisiac food ideas? Start here! Leaving Things men love world of food and coming to something really pleasurable and enjoyable — to be gentle.

Not only to him but with everything around you — while you are playing with the children, folding clothes, or talking to your best friend. That is what Things men love us attractive, desirable, and smoking hot. It makes us women. Moreover, because you know it you have got the five different creams in your makeup bag and the three rubbing gels in the bathroom.

Soft skin makes men wonder how on earth is possible to exist something so amazing in touch; it brings the vision of touching you in the bedit makes their hands flying towards you every single time you pass them…. Boobs and men!

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However, the thing is that most women believe men love big boobs while research proves that actually, men prefer smaller ones. Men are. The majority of men prefer their girls to look as natural as possible. It is not attractive to touch her face and after that their hands sparkle because of the glitter in the powder.

But looking and feeling enthusiastic and energized about things in life is attractive and many men consider it seductive as well. So, show some energy, girls! Your loved ones see it and love it. But the softness of healthy and well-maintained hair is considered an inviting and attractive part of women. The smile and laugh are expressions of happiness and joy. One of the top alluring things for men is to see a happy woman. No makeup or hairstylist could bring the great vibes a laughing happy girl could.

It makes them smile and feel good as well. Being able to have fun is important to men. It means self-love Things men love acceptance. Yes, there are men in this world who feel like smart women bring only headaches or are afraid of being fooled by them. A serious relationship that will fulfill their desire is something that comes only with a smart girl. At some point, we all hit that peak when we need a good talk, advice, support, or just someone to stay quiet with. The lips are the most alluring organ that a woman could expose. They love everything about them for many reasons.

Dear girls, look after your lips and use them wisely as believe it or not — they are one of your sweet advantages in this world. Men love it when their other half initiates the love-making. It turns them on, it makes them feel desired.

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And everybody loves that! But on the other hand, they want us to ask them for it? Make up your mind, gentlemen!

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But if you need help with something — ask! It is not going to make you weak but it will make him feel useful, respected, and a bit more… hm, stronger! This means to help each other in any step — from taking down the curtains to sharing fears and worries. But not every gesture should lead you to bedroom adventures.

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Men say they feel attracted to their loved ones when they surprise them with something. It could be his favorite meal, a planned night out, new socks or a hat, help with some tasks, or even simple motivation to keep going. Anything that takes you out of your way and shows them you think about them. Hands in the air or touching the neck, the back… some skin here and there — unintentional of course. That drives them crazy and wakes up not only their mind…! You like the attention and the feeling of closeness. It could be the shoulder, the back, the hand or anywhere else — it brings your touch straight to his head.

They feel your love ; they know you think about them. Things men love well as confidence and bossiness, having a clear vision of what you want in life is so attractive to menthey cannot resist it. You might roll your eyes about that one, but confidence is like a magnet for men. So, have a good look in Things men love mirror and finally allow yourself to realize how incredible, kind, beautiful woman you are.

And you deserve to be proud of it. Love yourself. Check if you could find something for free on our Free Love Resources. Need extra inspiration? The Monday Motivation Section will give you everything you want to get inspired to love more. Want to take things one step further and be totally irresistible to him? Blogger, dreamer, procrastinator, and lover of everything soul-touching.

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Things men love

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