Top 10 best blu ray movies

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This boxed set defines what we expect for an A-list trilogy on Blu-ray. It features reference-quality picture and sound and the most cutting-edge features that Blu-ray has to offer. This is a set that will please the most die-hard fan and offer insight into the production that few other releases can match. Each of the seven films contain PiP production features and lo of supplements. Now Warner has started to release Ultimate Editions Years 1 and 2 with extended cuts, Digital Copies, and additional swag that includes collectible books and cards.

The picture and sound are a high-def demo showcase from beginning to end, and the three-disc set is crammed with meaningful extras. Disc three has a Digital Copy and a game preview. Maximum warp! He cares. This is everything Blu-ray can be. To top it off, Pixar makes just plain terrific movies. Well, maybe not Cars.

Everyone is entitled to one dud. We only wish every disc we watched could live up to that ideal. BR is one of the few special-effects films that looks and sounds better than ever. Benjamin on Blu-ray is the whole muffuletta. Fight Club 10th Anniversary Edition 20th Century Fox Catalog titles can be a mixed bag, especially with cult favorites. Fight Club breaks the catalog mold and is one of the best and baddest-ass things to hit Blu-ray yet.

Even better, every bloody drop of material here is as brutally fun and funny as the movie itself. Pirates of the Caribbean 3-Movie Collection Disney Disney delivered a treasure chest full of goodies with all three of the Pirates films.

The video encodes are exceptional, and each film includes an In-Movie Experience that takes you inside the Matrix universe. The set also includes multiple commentaries—although none by the Wachowski Brothers—and HD treatment of The Animatrix, the prequel to The Matrix that helps Top 10 best blu ray movies the stage for Reloaded.

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Top 10 best blu ray movies

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