Vip room in strip club

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The VIP room.

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It is the elusive yet enticing feature that many strip clubs offer its guests for when they want special one-on-one time and attention from their favorite stripper or strippers. Many tales have unfolded from the shadowy corners of strip club VIP rooms and each of these tales seems to express a sense of being untouchable when it comes to the rules of a strip club. And if you have enough money, you too can become a holder of this mysterious membership.

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There are strip clubs, and then there are strip club VIP memberships, and no, they are not created equal. Imagine arriving to your favorite strip club and being whisked away to a sexy, secluded land of exquisite food, upscale drinks, and high-class strippers. The private lap-dance rooms are even more private, the managers tend to your every need, and the girls are whoever you want them to be.

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You are no longer just a peasant strip club patron, eagerly tossing one-dollar bills trying to get the attention of your favorite stripper. No, not even close. When you drop the big bucks on a VIP membership, you become the king of the strip club and the tables have turned.

Now the strippers are eagerly trying to get your attention. In sexy VIP land, anything goes. I spoke to a manager of a Denver-area strip club who wished to remain anonymous, and he divulged all the juicy details of VIP room membership perks that he has learned throughout his fifteen years in the strip club industry, across numerous states in the U.

Some guys want a stripper who will make them the apple of her eye and pawn all over him and make him feel like she wants him more than anything in the world.

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Other guys just want someone to keep them company. Someone they can talk to about anything. They will pay girls just to sit there and have dinner and drinks with them. No funny business at all. And then you have the guys who are really just trying to put their dick somewhere warm.

Whatever the case may be, these guys pay the big bucks to not only the strippers, but also to us as managers, and we try to accommodate them, very quietly, if need be. I mean that in every sense.

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Trinity, her stripper name for a Denver-area strip club, explains that some of her best money nights have ensued behind the ropes of the VIP area. He just wanted my company. While men commit to VIP memberships for the fantasy, strippers show up for the big money. Wise words from Trinity. If you have money, there will always be someone who can make it happen for you.

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Vip room in strip club

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What Really Happens in the VIP Room of a Strip Club