Vyvanse show up in drug test

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I amin drug court and they do drug test. I was wondering if Vyvanse will show up positive for amphetamine or is it not in that class? Yes, Vyvanse is an amphetamine, class II controlled substance with a "high potential for abuse". It will show positive for amphetamine.

Sorry, I forgot to add, be sure and let them know ahead of time and bring the prescription bottle or printout from the pharmacy with you to the testing. As long as it's a legitimately prescribed medication, there shouldn't be a problem. Best wishes. I'm just trying to prove my Inocents. Im sorry but I take 70mg of vyvanse everyday and it did not come up positive on the last drug screen I did for my new job. That's strange, because I take Vyvanse every day and I tested positive for amphetamines for every UA I've done for doctors.

They must be specifically looking for more drugs than a job test would. A,re you some kind of rehab or pain management program? Just wondering why you do drug tests at doctors offices. Yeah, I'm on some heavy duty pain killers, so per my pain contract with my GP, I'm subject to random drug testing. Last time, he came in and asked me if I was being prescribed anything by my phych. I thought, said no, I discontinued my antidepressants a long time ago. He said, anything else? Are you sure? I'm on Vyvanse!

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I'm sure the positive for amphetamines threw him off HAHA! I've been his patient for well over 12 years now, so he knows me very well and knows I have a memory deficit. I got screwed over bigtime for a sales job. They later pawned it off on my prior to employment drug screening. Slave clinics worse than rehab clinics. Vyvanse, Adderall, and phentermine diet pills all show up as amphetamine in a urine screen.

I have tested positive for all three. To avoid any issues with your employer and a positive result, you should bring documentation, or your prescription to the testing facility so they can note that you are taking a medication that contains amphetamine, and its metabolites.

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I take it for an eating disorder. It has a lower potential for abuse than other stimulants. I was bulimic for about 20 years. I would have bouts of anorexia as well. I stopped purging a few years ago but recently started binge eating. My dr put me on a low dose and it stops me from binging.

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I am regularly drug tested and it comes up positive every time. Still looking for answers? Try searching for what you seek or ask your own question. On a drug urine test will Vyvanse show positive for amphetamines? Asked 24 Feb by spinafer Updated 27 April Topics vyvanseattention-deficit hyperactivity disorder adhdamphetaminedrug testurine test i am prescribed Vyvanse.

Answer this question. LOL I understand. Maybe I just got lucky and it didnt pop up on that test I guess. View all 9 comments. Answer this question Find similar questions. Is it possible to test negative on urine and blood tests for amphetamines? While taking Concerta XL can you test positive for amphetamines on a 5 panel drug screen?

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Vyvanse 60mg in a drug test Screening? False positive thc urine screening drug test? I have noticed since I've been on amphetamines for my attention deficit disorder that I have become? Search Search. Support Groups. Top groups Groups by medication Groups by condition.

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Vyvanse show up in drug test

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On a drug urine test will Vyvanse show positive for amphetamines?