Waiting for him to call

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Who here hasn't spent hours, sometimes even days, waiting for a guy to call or text? It might be someone you matched with on a dating app, or someone you exchanged s with at the bar last night, or heck, even your boyfriend. We are too used to letting the man have the reins when it comes to our love lives — let him show interest, let him woo you, let him take charge. While his initiative has its place in the dynamic, is there really anything wrong with you taking control every once in a while?

It doesn't help that this idea of sitting by the phone, waiting for it to ring, has been popularised by songs and movies for far too long. Back in the day, it was landlines that were kept available, that young girls and women sat next to all day, just waiting Now, it is smart phones that disappoint us with someone else's name on the screen when they ring.

We are further frustrated when we see our love interest online - on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Whatsapp - yet not sending us so much as a text. We wait But, what if he is on the other line, waiting, just as you are? What if he also just wants to hear from you, and see if you are interested in him, if you are thinking of him?

What if he is simply too shy?

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What if he is respecting your personal space under the assumption that you will pick up the phone and text or call when you have time? What if he is playing you, though? What if your instinct about why he is not initiating contact with you, is correct, and he is actually not into you?

Well, you won't know the answer by just sitting there and waiting, will you? Call him. If he answers, that means he wants to talk to you. If he doesn't, he either doesn't want to talk to you, or he will call you back the first chance he gets. Either way, at least you will know where you stand. Isn't that so much better than just sitting there and wasting your time? For, what is it to wait for someone who may or may not want to talk to you, to call or text, if not an utter, pointless waste of time?

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Is your time as unimportant? Would you rather not just have a conversation, or be ignored, and move on to someone who will not make you wait and waste your precious days? Are you not worthy of that? And please don't try and make excuses for him. A man who likes you will show it to you. He will make himself available. And should such a man come about, and you find that you like him back, invest in the relationship. Work on it minus these mind games that often do more harm than good. Why Don't You Call Him?

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Waiting for him to call

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Should I Wait For Him to Contact Me? Don't Call Him and He Will Call You