What does necking mean

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If that means necking in the back of a Cadillac with an old high-school flame—so be it. Then they moved into sex stuff by the trees, a girl with three guys, two guys necking together. In architectural usage, the deep groove which separates the necking of the column from the upper drum of the shaft beneath. The mouldings of the shaft are carefully stopped below the neckingand above the base.

He reined up before the seemingly deserted camp, his horse flung back upon its haunches, white foam necking its quivering flanks. The depth of the architrave on its under side should answer to the necking at the top of the column.

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Take the quiz! Words nearby necking neckclothneckedNeckerneckerchiefNecker cubeneckingnecklacenecklace bombneckletnecklineWhat does necking mean of the woods. Words related to necking lovemakingcuddlingpettingcaressingparkingsmoochingembracingcanoodlingfondlingmaking out. How to use necking in a sentence If that means necking in the back of a Cadillac with an old high-school flame—so be it.

Is Cheating the Secret to a Happy Marriage? Little Brother Cory Doctorow. History of Ancient Art Franz von Reber. Bob Hampton of Placer Randall Parrish. Ten Books on Architecture Vitruvius. Also called: gorgerin architect one or more mouldings at the top of a column between the shaft and the capital.

What does necking mean

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Definition of 'necking'