What magic mushrooms look like

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Well I suppose at some stage I would had to do a feature on this mushroom. A select few people I meet often p that as a mushroom hunter, I only go looking for this particular species. Simply observed for identification reasons — honestly officer! The Magic Mushroom or Liberty Cap Psilocybe semilanceata is the most notorious of all the hallucinogenic mushrooms of which there are manythis being one of the most common and potent!

Since it has been made illegal to be in possession of this mushroom in whatever form and is labelled as a Class A drug — so there you go. The mycelium the vegetative part of the fungus feeds on the decaying matter of grass roots, so they are very at home scattered in pastures, lawns sometimes parksgrassy roides and paths.

The first thing to note is that the cap of the mushroom is hygrophanous, meaning it will change colour depending on how much moisture it retains. It has a glutinous viscid layer which can be delicately removed. As it drys out the colour fades to pale buff or whitish with a dark spore stained edge.

But the small conical cap remains a similar shape throughout these changes. It is elongate with striate markings more noticeable when moist with a distinctive small bump at the very top umbo. Sometimes you may notice a blueish tinge at the very base.

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The gills are pale creamy-grey at first, but as the mushroom matures they become a dark purple-brown. So please no questions about that on the blog or viathanks. Psilocybe semilanceata or Magic Mushroom is hygrophanous and drys to a pale buff colour. Elongated conical shape with pointed bump umbo. Drying to pale buff. Sometimes with purple tinge at base. Spore Print: Dark purpleish-brown see how to take a spore print here. Pasture, garden, grassy roides and paths.

Common in late summer to autumn. Illegal to be in possession of. Is it defo too late just turned December? With almost beginning to frost in the Cotswolds, Cheltenham. You always get them between September to November. I can smell them sometimes I did last week I the smell takes me back to when I first took them. You get outstanding colours and mad visuals. I once saw rainbows shooting off a full moon. I live just north of London.

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Can you offer any advice to help me locate them? Thank you so much. Hi Shefton, brilliant read, I live in walsall near Birmingham and have had no luck last year! Could you point me in a good direction and advise please for the year ahead, many thanks Katie. I hunt for mushrooms and want to know what they look like and where to find them, just in case I pick one by accident.

Please send some pics and info. November being a good time especially after rain. I doubt very much they are in abundance or widespread. And that kills em off. Good question. There a many other species and some have different effects beyond psychedelic experience. Some Psilocybes could make you very unwell. The only other blue staining psychedelic mushroom native the to UK is Psilocybe cyanescens cut them up on a white board or piece of paper and the blue staining is quite vivid.

However excercise caution with P. I agree about the blue staining comment too regarding P. I live in bath were is the best place to pick them? Just get out onto some unimproved grassland or pasture and keep your eyes peeled. Lots of amateurs have their theories as to what conditions are important: altitude, SW facing, length of grass, animal pasture etc.

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It is fundamentally just about luck. Yes, there are many theories. One report was that someone always found them on one side of this grassy hill west side. That implies some clever thinking from the mycelium! If I fail, at least it was good exercise! I can not assist in this matter. Thanks for understanding. There is now considerable interest in this mushroom, or synthetic derivatives for treatment of non-responsive clinical depression and post traumatic stress disorder. It has been found to work in ificant s of cases where some of the antidepressants have failed, without ificant ongoing side effects, unlike many antidepressants.

Liberty Caps will be What magic mushrooms look like in most abundance from late summer sometimes a little earlier until the end of autumn. Thanks John. I had these in my youth had some great trios and had 1 really bad one but you do see colours and everything else a lot of fields got stuff put on them that killed the magic off so quite hard to find nowadays would I have some now not sure at 55 lol. Frenchfield, Carleton, Penrith…. Not far from Cumbria Police HQ! There was a golf course next to my school that produced many a mm on way home from school.

I read before first frost, please help. There is also the added bonus of the area being one of the most beautiful locations in the UK. Liberty Cap ID I can help with. Send to john mushroomdiary. If thats a genuine enquiry. Try the common between stroud and nailsworth as has always been kind. Or if more forest of dean area try common by cinderford i think thats the name not so familiar with that area.

If your further north near hfdshire its worth going to the shrop hills or areas around as they are loaded when the season is in full flow. Get out and have a walk! I always waited for the first frost and then went out picking — had areas of glorious abundance near me in Hertfordshire back in the 80s and 90s but those sites no longer produce, would love to find some more as just a few on a Friday night was such fun. I agree with the depression study — our brains can confine us in the mundane, mushrooms taken well can help us to be more free and laugh….

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U should go before the first frost if the first frost is cold enough it will kill them all but i know from experience they can survive small frosts and it sometimes kickstarts them. Ive even found them a couple days after a field was under a foot of snow lol. Interesting to know. You definitely found some robust Liberty Caps there!

Pendle hills a good Lancashire spot. I saw sporadic clusters up there 2nd week in August. They will be in full swing now. The peaty soil and sheep crap works wonders a natural nitrate fertilizer. I used to pick in Skelmersdale on the Golf What magic mushrooms look like there but the owners stopped using nitrate based fertilizers and added fungicides to the sprinklers. Wiped em all out. Yes sheep crap and peaty soil works well,used to pick them at fox house in sheffield on the moors in the ninetys!

Three of us picked there once! Hi Bobby. Not that I have found. They prefer less competition and like to grow in shorter grass in lawns and pasture land or short grassy roide edges. You got any exact areas of the thicket such as forest or grass areas? I live in Portsmouth went hunting today with no luck. Can they grow in a forest? I found some that look very much alike, but i found them in a forest. I can send some photos. Hi Codrina No, they are always associated with grass — lawns, pasture etc.

It may be a Panaeolus or Psathyrella species. Visit my contact if you wish to send some images.

What magic mushrooms look like

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