When did i kissed a girl come out

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Katy Perry has expressed regret at the stereotypes peddled on her debut single. W hat a difference a decade makes. Your mind changes so much in 10 years, and you grow so much. And there was no mention from Perry of her contemporaneous and even more are-you-really-sure-you-want-to-go-there Ur So Gay.

But the impulse is right, and one as old as song itself. Folk songs changed lyrics to fit geographical and temporal needs, or just because the lyrics got lost along the way in ages when they were not recorded on paper or on tape.

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The growth of recorded music, and of the mass market for music sales and performance, hastened the process. At one end of the spectrum are the lyric changes that seem halfhearted at best, a will-this-do shrug.

Like the Rolling Stones altering the lyric of Stray Cat Blues in live performance, so Mick Jagger is no longer inviting a year-old girl and her friend to have it off with him. So these days Jagger sings instead of a year-old girl. Which, obviously, is not creepy and unpleasant at all. If one goes back to the s and 30s, the array of songs whose lyrics changed to reflect changing sensibilities is eye-opening.

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When Anything Goes was filmed inI Get a Kick Out of You had its lyrics changed, so rather than a single sniff of cocaine boring Ethel Merman terrificallyit became perfume from Spain. More intriguing, perhaps, are those instances where songwriters change the lyrics of songs to reflect the way they feel, rather than the way they want to be perceived.

My favourite altered lyric, though, is one of the least dramatic, least ostentatious. Richman had no time for the druggy faddishness of the hippies, so focused on their own gratification at the expense of engaging with the world. Which brings us back to Katy Perry. I Kissed a Girl was never meant to be profound. It is cheap and tawdry and it trivialised queer sexuality.

Just write it off as a youthful folly and a lesson learned. Then, maybe 30 years from now, she can revisit it, like Richman, from a wholly different perspective, and see what comes out. Music blog Pop and rock. It felt so right: I Kissed a Girl and the problematic lyrics artists attempted to disavow. Photograph: Todd Selby.

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When did i kissed a girl come out

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10 Years Ago, Katy Perry’s ‘I Kissed a Girl’ Outraged Pop Critics