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By Chris Summers For Mailonline. An abandoned party mansion featuring a creepy Playboy bunny pool has been documented by an intrepid urban explorer. The 5, square foot home was known for its unique Playboy bunny-shaped pool with ear-shaped swimming tunnels that lead to the bedrooms. Billy Hull is thought to have hosted a few wild parties in the mansion but it has been largely abandoned sincewhen he was convicted of hiring a man to kill his wife's lover.

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This photograph, published in in a trade magazine, is believed to show Billy Hull and his wife Gloria in their new home. Barely a year later Hull left was jailed for hiring a man to kill his wife's lover, Roland Hargis. But the place was left to rot 12 months later after Hull was charged with hiring a hitman to murder his wife Gloria's lover and pleaded guilty to income tax evasion. Hull was jailed for 20 years for hiring an assassin to kill Roland Hargis, as he emerged from the Tradewinds nightclub in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Hull's grandmother Katie Holcomb had run a bootleg whiskey operation, and he was convicted of tax evasion in relation to her estate when she died inaccording documents about his life. Photographer Naaman Fletcher, 30, from Birmingham, Alabama, has been snapping abandoned buildings since and heard of the notorious palace through a friend. His photo series show the vandalized remains of the building with floor to ceiling marble and chandeliers still intact.

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The Playboy bunny logo was used for the floor of the swimming pool left while the house's decor is a mixture of faux Polynesian, French and what can only be described right as Flintstones. These images compare the entrance to the mansion inwith the distinctive Polynesian-style figures, known as Tikis, on either side of the front door, with the Wife swapping in Chickamauga GA entrance as it is today with graffiti daubed on the Tikis.

Mr Fletcher said: 'The story of the place is very interesting. It all centres around Billy Hull who tried to hire someone to kill his wife, got prosecuted for tax evasion, and did time in prison. He added: 'My friend and I had gotten a tip about a place that was going downhill fast. They called it the Tiki House - for years and years it sat, in pristine decay. He said they wanted to take photographs before it was ruined by graffiti and vandalism. Considering the house has been neglected for 44 years, it is not in a bad state, but the vandalism has been getting markedly worse in recent years.

It would have cost a considerable sum of money to build in and it is not known why the house was not sold, rather than falling into disrepair, after its notorious owner was jailed. The Tiki Palace has fallen into disrepair and has been vandalized in recent years by local youths. The property has three bedrooms, all of which are connected to the swimming pool by tunnels.

Mr Fletcher said: 'The place is unique but the damage was disappointing. It's like finding a lost pharaoh's tomb to find it's been pillaged, all the treasure removed. The pool is the focus of the entire house, you walk into the main entrance and you're nearly in the pool. The outlets lead up into separate bedrooms. Most of the house, however, is focused on the pool which takes up most of the square footage. It is not known what sort of debauchery went on in the mansion but Hull is known to have owned several strip clubs, including Billy Hull's Castaways Club in Chattanooga. It is not clear if Hull died in Deberry Correctional Institute near Nashville, Tennessee, or was released, and nobody knows what happened to Gloria Hull.

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Argos AO. Privacy Policy Feedback. Inside a creepy abandoned swingers' mansion built by a strip club mogul with a swimming pool shaped like a Playboy bunny This extraordinary house was built in Chattanooga, Tennessee in by strip club tycoon Billy Hull Barely a year later he was jailed for hiring a man to kill Roland Hargis, who was his wife Gloria's lover When Billy Hull went to jail the mansion, centered around a Playboy-themed pool, was abandoned By Chris Summers For Mailonline Published: BST, 5 July Updated: BST, 5 July e-mail shares.

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Wife swapping in Chickamauga GA

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Inside a creepy abandoned swingers’ mansion built by a strip club mogul with a swimming pool shaped like a Playboy bunny