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s and other documents obtained by The Associated Press show that the relationship had gone on for years — even as the priest heard her confessions, counseled her husband on their marriage and pressed the couple for hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations. She says she was assured that the priest, Monor Frank Rossi, would never be a pastor or counsel women again. Months after that meeting, though, she found out DiNardo had allowed Rossi to take a new job as pastor of a parish two hours away in east Texas. When her husband confronted DiNardo, he said, the cardinal warned that the archdiocese would respond aggressively to any legal challenge — and that the fallout would hurt their family and business.

On Tuesday, three years after the meeting with Woman want real sex Bishop Texas and after written inquiries by the AP last week, the church temporarily removed Rossi, announcing in a statement from his new bishop that he was being placed on administrative leave. Laura Pontikes, a year-old construction executive in Texas, had been at a low point in her life when she sought spiritual counseling from Rossi, the longtime No.

Instead, she said, Rossi preyed on her emotional vulnerability to draw her into a physical relationship that he called blessed by God. As the president of the U. DiNardo is expected to present his brother bishops with new proposals to hold one another able for sexual misconduct or negligence in handling abuse cases. In the U. In a written statement to The Associated Press, it defended its handling of the case, saying Rossi was immediately placed on leave and went for counseling after Pontikes reported him.

Afterwards, according to the archdiocese, Rossi went to a rehabilitation program. Pontikes expressed his gratitude. The archdiocese said it entered into a confidential mediation process with the Pontikeses. Laura Pontikes filed a police report in August.

Under Texas criminal law, a member of the clergy can be charged with sexual assault of an adult if the priest exploited an emotional dependency in a spiritual relationship. He declined further comment. SNAP, a national group of survivors of clergy abuse, has called for him to re as head of the bishops conference because he allowed predator priests to remain in ministry in Houston, as well as in his diocese in Sioux City, Iowa. Pontikes provided the AP with seven years of her correspondence with Rossi, therapists, priests and friends, along with financial data and communications with the archdiocese.

She told the Vatican in April that Rossi heard her confessions after their relationship became physical — a potentially serious crime under church law that DiNardo never asked her about.

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The Vatican said her complaint was under review. The church, which has been grappling for decades with the sexual abuse of children, is now being forced to reckon with the idea that adults too can be sexually exploited by clergy. Last summer, amid revelations that ex. That statement gave Pontikes hope, but nothing changed, she said. Pontikes first met Rossi in the confessional at St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church in December At the time, Pontikes sought to fill the void of an emotionally distant husband and mounting pressures at the family business by throwing herself into her faith, giving sizeable weekly donations at Mass.

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Inwhile she showed him a religious painting in their downstairs wine cellar, Rossi slipped his hand under her jacket and rested it on her bare waist, she said. During a dinner, Rossi asked the couple to give to an ambitious capital campaign that included rebuilding the St. Michael rectory where the parish priests lived. Pontikes began seeing Rossi for regular spiritual direction inat the same time her husband was trying to get an annulment for his first Woman want real sex Bishop Texas. The couple wanted their civil marriage of two decades to be recognized by the church. Rossi married the Pontikeses in a religious ceremony at St.

Less than four months later, during a session of spiritual counseling in his office, Pontikes said, Rossi started their physical relationship with an intimate, sexual embrace. She felt blessed and special to him, but also conflicted, knowing a boundary had been crossed. That same confusion tormented her during the many times he induced her to perform sexual acts in his office during spiritual direction, she said.

Pontikes phoned and ed Rossi several times a day with spiritual musings and work and family problems, and he responded with the attention she sought. In time, she was increasingly questioning her feelings for him.

Paul the Apostle. Newberry recognized a process of grooming that he went through when he was abused by a Catholic priest at the age of Throughout the relationship, Pontikes said, Rossi was her confessor. On Dec. A few months later, Pontikes was rushing to catch a flight to visit a friend whose husband had died. Guilt-ridden about her growing intimacy with Rossi, she wanted to ease her conscience with confession before leaving town.

But she chased him down, followed him out the side chapel and made him hear her, according to Pontikes. She confessed that she had been inappropriate with her priest. It occurs when a priest absolves someone with whom he has engaged in a sexual sin, including merely a lustful touch.

Edward Peters, a leading U. Pontikes said neither DiNardo nor his subordinates ever did. The family also had begun building a guest cottage for him at their weekend retreat on Trinity Bay. George Pontikes, who knew nothing of the sexual encounters with his wife, reached out to Rossi for advice after the trip.

She was growing more distant, irritable and distracted, he said, and the couple was on the verge of separation. Rossi responded that she was going through strong mood swings. She does not want it. I think you should Woman want real sex Bishop Texas it a try. She trusts you. Four days later, on a Friday night after George had gone to bed, the priest and parishioner consummated the relationship in the pool house bathroom of her Houston home, Laura Pontikes said.

It was the first of up to half a dozen such sexual encounters over more than a year, according to Pontikes. Although Pontikes acknowledged the continued correspondence, she said she was desperate to hold onto the spiritual relationship because she believed it an essential part of her faith. The turmoil tore Pontikes up so much that she sought therapy. Gradually, painfully, she came to believe that Rossi had preyed upon her.

Her suspicions were confirmed when she watched him interact with other women, and she remembered seeing him touch one on the bare shoulder at her wedding. Then two friends told her about his inappropriate attentiveness to yet another woman on a Holy Land pilgrimage. It was the tipping point. She confided in her friends, and they urged her to turn him in. Pontikes reported Rossi to the archdiocese April 7, That night, as she sat in the prayer chair in her living room, she finally told her husband.

Over the next few days, Laura checked herself into a residential clinic to cope with the trauma. George spoke with her therapists, read the s between Rossi and his wife and began to realize that the priest had manipulated and betrayed them both.

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He was livid. Less than a month after reporting Rossi, Laura Pontikes said, she got a phone call from Iadanza. She and her husband listened together. The archdiocese did report the case last year, and said it is cooperating with the investigation. In the November raid on the diocese, prosecutors backed by 60 members of the Texas Rangers and federal agents seized records related to the Rev. Manuel La Rosa-Lopez, who has been charged with sexually abusing minors. DiNardo also allowed the Rev. George McFadden to continue working as a priest after he molested at least 25 children.

InRossi ed a form letter stating that the Rev. It has been for Bishop Joseph Fiorenza and myself as well.

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A month after Pontikes reported him, Rossi sent an to the staff of St. George Pontikes pressed DiNardo in a subsequent meeting to hold Rossi able, but said he came away feeling threatened. Scott Allen, an attorney representing Pontikes, also thought the church was bullying the couple. Laura Pontikes said Iadanza assured her Rossi would be under a strict monitoring protocol.

In the meantime, DiNardo defended his actions to George. But Pontikes said that during two years of mediation, the church focused exclusively on a financial settlement. What happened between Pontikes and Rossi is under investigation by the Houston police department, and Harris County prosecutors have subpoenaed her therapists in the name of a grand jury.

In a press release Tuesday put on the Beaumont website, he announced Rossi had been placed on temporary administrative leave pending the investigation. As usual, he led a day pilgrimage to the Holy Land and Jordan in early November. The pews at his new parish were full on Palm Sunday, when Rossi celebrated Mass and then greeted visitors in near-perfect Spanish. Laura Pontikes read them in disgust, seeing them as an attempt by Rossi to find women in troubled marriages who might seek counseling. Share Nicole Winfield, Associated Press. In this March 30, image taken from video, Cardinal Daniel Dinardo of the Archdiocese of the Houston-Galveston, speaks during an interview in Houston.

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Police report Laura Pontikes filed a police report in August. So she did nothing. George Pontikes reached out again two weeks later. AP writer Nomaan Merchant contributed to this report. John L. First Name. Last Name. Nicole Winfield, Associated Press. HPM Digital Team.

Woman want real sex Bishop Texas

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Woman Accuses Cardinal Daniel DiNardo Of Dismissing Sex Abuse Case